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SizeGenetics Review – Is This Extender Worth Buying? Read Canada Report

When the word Sex comes in mind, it depicts the satisfaction of the partner. Sex is the most important for staying in a happy and long-lasting relationship. Without Sex, a person cannot keep his partner happy. For a better relationship, a prolonged erection of the penis also plays a vital role. But due to many reasons like, age factor or some hormonal imbalance, a person is not able to perform well on the bed. Sometimes your penis doesn’t erect properly due to curved penis peyronie’s disease.


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In this disease, the penis is not able to establish, and it is mostly in curve shape at the time of Sex. Because of the curved way, the person tends to have no proper sex. As there are many male enhancement pills and devices are present in the market for better erection for more extended performance on bed, they may have shown you some results but with side effects. However, they are not as good as they claim to be. Well, nowadays many surgeries are also taking place, but again it comes with many drawbacks. For solving this issue, we are presenting a new device to cure your curved penis peyronie’s disease, known as Size genetics. Now let’s have an idea about SizeGenetics.


What is the Sizegenetics device?


Sizegenetics device is the device for the person who is looking to increase the size of the penis. Size genetics is the brand name that sells equipment and pills both, but here we will talk about size genetics devices. The size genetics device is basically for type 1 medical condition which is tested in the clinic a lot of times and proven to be the best device for enlarging the size of the penis. As per the Sizegenetics manufacturer, there are several benefits of using Size genetics devices. By using the method, you can see a drastic change in the size of the penis with prolonged-lasting erections. Sizegenetic devices allow a person to satisfy their women far better than before with better sexual power and prolonged erections. So when you would be able to perform well on bed, it automatically enhances your confidence level. Besides, if the person has a curved penis or peyronie’s disease, size genetics devices help in curing this disease with no downwards. The best thing about size genetics devices is it promises to give the maximum and best benefits to men in terms of male enhancement devices. These devices are perfect for the person who is feeling embarrassed because of miserable sex life.


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How does Size genetics work?


The size genetic device, which is known as a penis extender, helps in gradually increasing the size of the penis with no drawbacks. It helps in stretching the penis and breaks down the cells of the penis and allows the rebuilding of blood cells that increases the size of the penis. It uses the traction method, where the Cytokinesis process is mostly in use. It increases the size of the penis as it uses the process of proper blood flow to the penis. You can comfortably wear this device any time, either while working or sleeping. The product is certified; it is medically safe to use this device. It works just like surgery; the difference is that surgery takes a lot of money, and the sizegenetics device is available at a fraction of cost. You can comfortably wear any kind clothes over the plot, but not skinny jeans. It allows permanent growth of the penis, with no drawbacks. At the initial stage, you can wear it for a shorter time, but gradually it can be worn for more than 6 hours a day.


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How to use the Sizegenetics device?


As the device is small in size, it is advisable to wear it when your penis is in a flaccid state. Probably, no one can notice this device if you are wearing loose pants. The effects can be like you are lifting weights for strengthening your muscles. With regular use, it gradually increases the size of the penis. The tissues of penial are promoted for better growing and stretching. Eventually, it improves both the length and girth of the penis. You need to follow the step by step method for using this device with proper safety and conditions which will give a more relaxed and comfortable way of putting this device.


  • Make sure your penis is in a dry and semi-erect state.
  • Through the device penis ring, slowly insert your penis and adjust the flexible silicon rings on the head of the penis. By this method, you can easily hold on to your penis under the device.
  • Strap out the comfort pad which is available on the device, and then slowly and carefully pull down the loop of the method for securing the head of your penis.
  • You can easily adjust the traction level of the penis. You can anytime increase the traction by turning the knobs towards your penis.
  • Ensure your penis is attached correctly at the end of the penis.
  • You can easily adjust and stretch the penis by using slight pressure.


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Price of Size genetics device


Size genetics device is available at its official website, and there are promotional packages available for buying this device from its site. Following are the boxes:


  • Value edition package, here you have to pay $199.95 whereas the actual price is $274.95. You will get a size genetics device in this pack.
  • Comfort package comes with medical devices with additional accessories at the price of $249.95 instead of $399.95.
  • The ultimate system, for $299.95 you will get the device plus additional accessories and all components needed for enlargement of penis.
  • Curvature and Peyronie’s device, you can buy it at the price of $299.95, whereas the actual cost is $499.95. In this, you will get all components to cure curved Peyronie’s disease.


Choose the best package that suits your needs.


The final verdict

Sizegenetics device is proving to be best and useful after several clinical tests, the method is safe to use and cost cheaper than any male enhancement surgeries, and it allows a person to have a prominent and harder penis.