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Slapstrike offers competitors uncommon financial gains in the combat sports landscape

Some combat sports purists will likely thumb their noses at slap fighting as a sport, and consider Slapstrike an organization dabbling in competitive silliness. However, no matter where you stand in the debate over slap fighting’s place in the realm of combat sports, there is no denying they are treading new ground in the relationship between athlete and fight promotion.

During an appearance on Jason Burgos’ Back Talk to speak on the promotion’s FITE TV pay-per-view debut on Saturday, Slapstrike CEO Glenn Pere explained how the organization offers their entire roster legitimate equity in making the brand a success.

“When we are hiring our talent, we understand the value of any entertainment brand [is] about the talent in front of the camera. So everyone that we sign is going to get one-percent ownership in Slapstrike. If that person is fighting on a pay-per-view event, he’s going to get a share of the pay-per-view revenue. There will be pension plans for all of our fighters depending on time vested. Anybody that’s going to compete for Slapstrike; and they’re part of our family and team, they’re going to enjoy in the revenue of any pay-per-view event that we generate income from.”

In the full interview, Pere also spoke on Vasily “Dumpling” Kamotsky. The slap-fighting Youtube sensation who is one of several major industry names competing Saturday at the promotion’s debut “The War from Warsaw” event. He broke down their slap-fight rules, and how a winner is deciding if a bout goes to a decision. If Slapstrike has concussion protocols in place. Why they chose to offer their first PPV at a $14.99, and the strategy to build their brand similar to World Wrestling Entertainment in the 1980s.

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