Sonnen: “Kennedy Needs To Shut Up”

Chael Sonnen was recently on “You’re Welcome! With Chael Sonnen” and had a few choice words regarding Tim Kennedy’s recent outrage over his controversial loss to Yoel Romero at UFC 178. For those of you who didn’t see it, Kennedy had Romero in great danger at the end of second round, nearly finishing him with strikes.


At the end of the round, Romero was given extra time to sit on the stool, in what was an apparent mis-communication. This resulted in Romero catching extra time to clear up, and in the third round he defeated Kennedy via strikes.


“Tim Kennedy is one bitter son of a b***” says Sonnen.

The American Gangster was not done from there, “Have you seen some of the stuff he’s saying lately? He’s threatening to never come back to the sport because he’s so upset about ‘stool-gate.’ This guys is one of these guys that, for me, he gets a pass. I’m an American, he’s an American hero. He served the country well. He did some things. He’s a hero. That’s where it ends. But the guy says some stuff that if he wasn’t a hero. Somebody needs to tell him to shut up. Tim, you gotta stop, man. You’re so bitter.”

Love him or hate him, Sonnen always tells it like it is, he never holds back. Sonnen continues, “The outcome of the fight is the outcome of the fight. You just walk away”.

“Tim was so worked up about it. I’m going, ‘Tim, anything that you want to do and all of this anger, man, we’re for that before the fight. But when the fight’s done, when the pay-per-views are sold and when the cage is being torn down, shut up. Give the other guy his 15 minutes whether he earned it or was gifted it. Give him his 15 minutes and walk away.'”

Kennedy has not responded to Sonnen’s outlash on the U.S. Army Ranger’s actions. If you know Kennedy, he is not one to sit back and be quiet when his name is brought up. Kennedy does not have a scheduled fight in the UFC as of yet.

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