Submission Underground 11

Submission Underground 11 Live Results

Chael Sonnen will hold Submission Underground 11 on Sunday, February 23, 2020 from the Roseland Theatre in Portland, Oregon. The event streams live on UFC Fight Pass.

Tag Team Jiu- Jitsu:

Craig Jones & Nicky Rodriguez  vs.  Vinny Magalhaes & Kyle Boehm.

Vinny Magalhaes & Kyle Boehm winner by fastest escape time in OT.

Main Card:

Jake Shields vs. Richie Martinez. Richie Martinez winner by Armbar in OT 2.

Al Iaquinta vs. Mike Perry. Mike Perry winner by fastest escape time in OT.

Austin Vanderford vs. Micah Brakefield. Austin Vanderford winner by Arm Triangle in OT 1.


Alex Larmey vs. Andrew Marshall. Alex Larmey  winner by fastest escape time.

Brent Smith vs. Frank Rosenthal. Frank Rosenthal winner by Heel Hook.

Samantha Bonilla vs. Danielle Perry.  Samantha Bonilla winner by Rear Naked  Choke in OT 1.

Clay Davidson vs. Joe Baize. Joe Baize winner by Heel Hook.

Andrew Gundlach vs. Logan Skinner Gi. Andrew Gundlach winner by Lapel Choke.

Scott Jutras vs. Andrew Sidelinger. Andrew Sidelinger winner by Armbar in OT 1.

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