Super Fight Grappling League 1 results from 2300 Arena

Super Fight Grappling League 1 results from 2300 Arena

Following the success of last night’s Art of War Cage Fighting 4, promoter Mike Bickings turned his focus today to grappling.  Bickings, along with matchmaker Will Martinez, launched Super Fight Grappling League and held their first card one day after the MMA event.

Complete Super Fight Grappling League 1 results from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Super Fight Grappling League 1Super Fight Grappling League 1

Super Fight Grappling League 1 Results below:

Kristian Warywoda defeated Jonah Frazier via arm bar (No time given). He fought from bottom for first 4 minutes, quick reversal to top. Beautiful transition for arm bar.

Rene Rentas vs. John DelPercio ruled a draw.

Nevaeh Madonna defeated Sophie Zuknick via straight ankle lock submission – 0:28

Jennifer Beck defeated Katelyn Grabowski via majority decision

Grant Kircher defeated Blaine Shutt via unanimous decision

Catherine Marino defeated Nawarat Ngokphol via armbar – 0:52

Brian Palakow defeated James McDaniels via north-south choke – 1:19

Gerardo Trevino defeated James Morris via unanimous decision

Ellis Karadag defeated Steven Baker via arm bar – 3:13

Daniel Maira defeated Jose Matias via modified kimura – 4:17

Andrew Kochel defeated Manuel Farfan via unanimous decision

Pete DiFabio defeated Steven Olan via calf crush from the truck – 3:10

Ian Stark defeated Darren Costa via straight ankle lock – 1:29

Ed Abrasley defeated Nicholas Caggia via short arm choke – 4:03

Thiago Tomaz defeated Tim Rocco via unanimous decision

Bassil Hafez defeated Patrick Mahoney via kimura – 6:20

Thiago Brito defeated Tom Costa via Bonearrow choke mix w X choke – 2:04

Oleg Alf vs. Earl Small rules a draw

Tim Carpenter vs. Drew Puzon fight is off due to torn bicep

Tim Williams defeated Noah Devore via majority decision

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