Taylor Pierce, ROC 82

Taylor Pierce on Sergio DeBari at ROC 82: “Everything is telling me I’m going to win this fight by finish.”

Tune above to watch this entire and exclusive interview with Taylor “Surtees” Pierce with MyMMANews.

Ring of Combat has been the staple for mixed martial arts action on the Jersey shoreline for well over a decade.  This Friday, December 1, fans in Atlantic City will flood the Tropicana Hotel, Casino, and Resort for ROC 82: Toretta vs Ruiz. 

The main event is a rematch from ROC 78 where both fighters put on a spectacular showing until the final bell.  In a razor thin decision, Ruiz took home the win and now, the two will throw down for the ROC title.

Also featured on the card is featherweight standout, and Marquez MMA fighter, Taylor Pierce who will be taking on Bellator veteran, Sergio DeBari.

Both fighters are eager to get back to their winning ways following close decision losses in both of their previous outings.

Speaking with Pierce ahead of the contest, he insists, “anyone at this level is a good fighter,” he says. “I (also) train with people (at Marquez MMA) who have fought against him.  He might not remember but we trained one time together, so we’ve crossed paths before,” Pierce recalls. “I wouldn’t have taken this fight if I didn’t completely believe I could beat him everywhere,” he attests.

Outside of training full-time, Pierce also has a plethora of clients and students under his wing as he co-instructs at Delawares premier, Jack’s Kickboxing Gym.

“Everyone understands and respects when I have a fight booked. I dive 100% into fight camp and people respect that.,” Pierce says. “This fight camp has been my best fight camp because I haven’t been teaching classes,” he contends.  “I’ve had all of my classes covered. I’m doing my private training in my free time so I’m 100% training, and resting, and recovering.”

Discussing the upcoming bout, Pierce’s “confidence is through the roof, and not in a stupid way,” he clarifies. “I’m better than him everywhere and if he has an advantage over me anywhere, I’m going to be able to swim with him as long as I need to and put the advantage in my favor, and I’m good at doing that, Pierce adamantly expresses.

Pierce goes on to say, “professional fighting is about strategy. It’s not about doing what you want to do, it’s about doing what your coaches want to do and me and my coaches are very in tuned for this fight and I’m going to beat him everywhere this fight takes place,” he insists.

“Everything is telling me I’m going to win this fight by finish.”

Tune in above as I hit the road with MyMMANews for this exclusive one-on-one interview with Marquez MMA and Jacks Kickboxing fighter, Taylor “Surtees” Pierce. We discuss his upcoming bout with Sergio DeBari, balancing his own training schedule while training other fighters, how he feels this bout will go and an angel on his shoulder as he enters this ROC 82 featherweight contest going down December 1, at the Tropicana Hotel, Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, NJ.

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