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Thanh Le on Garry Tonon studying methodology at ONE X Presser

Thanh Le defends his ONE featherweight world championship against the unbeaten Garry Tonon at ONE X. This consequential clash transpires on December 5th live from Singapore Indoor Stadium.

I spoke with the ONE Championship titleholder ahead of this anticipated fight within a deep weight category. The excerpt from our interaction is below.

Thanh Le

If the multiple timeline shifts for this fight ever created periods of taking the foot off the proverbial gas pedal. In as far as game-planning to not create burnout collecting too much Garry Tonon intel.

Thanh Le stated, “No, not at all. In my opinion, there is no such thing as just knowing too much about your opponent. Because you have to compartmentalize certain things. Oh he likes to do that, he likes to do this. We’re gonna try to react this way and that way. But, you know, it’s a fight. So you’re going to react, your moves are going to hit by itself, and we have to train that way. The more time you get to analyze, the more time you get to drill, and the more time you get to do live rounds, situationals, the better. In my opinion it couldn’t be, unless you let your mind get in the way of things, it couldn’t be a negative thing.”

“But that’s how we kind of reframe things for us. For it to be a positive experience. I’ve been through a bunch of ups and downs in my career. There’s been timeline pushbacks, there’s been opponent switches, opponent backouts, things like that. I’m grateful for those experiences because you get to let things roll off the shoulders a little bit. Not a ton of things get you riled up. I get more time. Cool, let’s just make that a positive spin. In sparring, I punched you and it’s good for me. You punch me, I can make that good for me one way or another. You’ve got to be able to do that as a competitor. As an experienced competitor.”

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