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The Health Benefits of Kickboxing

Kickboxing is a high intensity sport. It is fast moving and every part of your body is involved. You use your hands and feet, and have to avoid those of your opponent. It is absolutely a total body workout. And it beats most other sports in the number of health benefits it enjoys.

Kickboxing does as much for your mind as it does for your body. It focuses your mind and enhances your concentration levels and at the same time helps you burn calories and fat. It is definitely up there with the winners, like playing for a Jackpot Capital bonus. Kickboxing is a phenomenal sport that has the ability to change your life exponentially.

A Kickboxing workout can work for everyone. There are different types. There’s the classic French or British styles and then there’s Muay Thai kickboxing. Exploring which one will work best for you is worth it, as the health benefits of this sport are tremendous.

Do the benefits of Kickboxing beat other sports?

There are not many sports as dynamic as kickboxing with its kicking, punching and sparring. Kickboxing is not necessarily better than other sports but perhaps it does provide the best overall workout. The effects on your health and fitness levels would be difficult to match.

The added dimension of kickboxing is that not only is it a full body workout, but it is a workout for your mind as well. There are many aerobic type sports from swimming to tennis but kickboxing requires you to really hone in on your emotions. It requires you to focus, concentrate and to be confident. The sport is an intrinsically social one. You are engaging with an opponent. You need to focus not only your muscles but your mind and social skills at the same time.

What are the real health benefits of Kickboxing?

Firstly, kickboxing is great exercise and we all need to exercise. It is not really correct to make a distinction between the benefits of kickboxing on mind and body because what is good for your body is really good for your mind too. Sometimes we forget that body and mind are inseparable. Most people do know that physical exercise really does increase your feelings of well-being. Those who are not aware of this, should really start exercising in order to experience it.

The greatest overall benefit of exercise, be it from kickboxing, jogging or playing tennis, is that it makes you feel wonderful. Humans are meant to be active.

Get rid of those calories

Most people associate the health benefits of exercise with losing weight and burning calories. This approach does give people some idea of the work being done by their exercising and something solid to work towards. According to the experts, someone involved in doing fitness kickboxing is likely to burn around 500 calories per hour. If you are really working out hard it could well be much more.

Even after the workout you will continue to burn calories at a higher rate so you should take that into account also. With kickboxing you are on your way to improved health.

Full Body Muscle Toning

Your entire body is involved in kickboxing. Every punch, kick or jab will work a different area of your body. You are not just using your arms and legs. Every punch you make will be using muscles in your shoulders and in your back. Every kick will be working your abs and your glutes also. Many people actively involved in kickboxing do look quite ripped. It is possible for anyone to improve their muscle tone.

Improved Balance

A study carried out in 2012 found that kickboxing actually improved the balance of people with multiple sclerosis. There are two reasons for this amazing result. The first reason is that kickboxing develops the muscles in the lower part of your body, the part responsible for supporting you when you move. The second reason is that kickboxing increases your body awareness and what you do with your feet. You are more controlled in your movements and this leads to more muscular control.

Good Cardio

Doing some form of cardiovascular exercise is vital for your health. It is important to work your heart and respiratory system. Cardio exercise does burn those calories but the number of calories burned does not necessarily equate with effective cardio exercise. A healthy heart and lungs are crucial if you are to enjoy a healthy long life. It is important to keep these organs functioning well. Cardio Kickboxing will “kick’ these important body parts into shape.

Improved Stamina and Endurance

Notwithstanding the intrinsic benefits of a healthy heart, cardiovascular exercise ensures that your body receives what it needs to function well. It gets the nutrients and oxygen it needs. When these levels are at their best, you will have increased stamina and be able to perform physically for longer periods of time.

Exercise, and specifically kickboxing, has enormous health benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Kickboxing and the Benefits for your Mind

Health is not only about the body. It’s important that your mind is healthy too. Good Health needs to encompass both mind and body.

Releasing emotion and reducing stress

The kicking and punching involved in kickboxing is not all about burning calories and getting physically fit. The actions themselves are implicitly aggressive. They release stress. Not only does the actual physical exercise reduce stress but kickboxing allows you to release pent up aggression that would not be possible in any other sport.

Letting go of your anger and frustrations on a punch bag is a perfect way of letting off steam and reducing your emotional baggage.

Improved concentration and focus

Kickboxing, like martial arts, is not just made up of random movements. It requires the person to be poised and precise. These qualities require extensive concentration and focus. During kickboxing training, you will be concentrating on every movement, and focusing to make sure each one is accurate and graceful.

This improved focus and concentration will help you in other areas of your life, outside of kickboxing training.

Increased self-esteem and confidence

As you exercise you will begin to see the changes in your body. This increases your confidence and self- esteem. Increased confidence is one of the most important health benefits of kickboxing. The confidence comes in knowing that you are able to defend yourself if you need to. You look better, you feel better, and you have new skills that are making you feel good about yourself.

Setting and attaining goals

Setting goals for yourself and reaching them is certainly satisfying. You see the progress you are making which increases your confidence and gives you the incentive to go further.

Nurturing relationships

Kickboxing is a social sport. It takes two to tango. It is the kind of sport where real friendships develop. At the gym while you are sparring with your opponent. This is really a health benefit. Good relationships make for good mental health and feelings of well-being.

Develop good mental health

Exercise impacts the way you feel. It makes you feel good. It encourages a healthy way of thinking and a good and positive outlook on life.

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