Tom Kilkenny Joins UMMAF As Northeast Regional Director

Tom Kilkenny Joins UMMAF As Northeast Regional Director

Aggressive Combat Championships promoter and former USMTA Northeast Director, Tom Kilkenny has joined the United States Mixed Martial Arts Federation (UMMAF) as their new North Regional Director.

“UMMAF is very excited to announce the addition of Tom Kilkenny to our team as the Northeast Regional Director! Tom’s addition will facilitate the return of UMMAF and KICK International to the NE region Tom’s addition also provides UMMAF and promoters with an experienced regulator in the Northeast region to assist in bring stability and safety to the sports of Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA,” a press release from UMMAF stated.

Tom Kilkenny (left) and'Big' Dan Miragliotta
Tom Kilkenny (left) and ‘Big’ Dan Miragliotta

Tom Kilkenny has been in the martial arts community for more than 30 years, practicing Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Boxing and Wrestling for many years. He brings with him over 10 years of combative sports regulation experience to UMMAF/Kick International and is himself ABC and Big Dan Miragliotta Ultimate MMA Course certified. Kilkenny was previously the officials course instructor and Regional Director at the USMTA for more than eight years.

UMMAF is a non-profit (501c3) organization recognized as the official USA representative for the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF).   The IMMAF is focused on developing MMA as an international sport, from the recreational level to the elite level, driving the development of common rules, safety regulations, structure and mutual exchanges to enable international competition among National MMA Federations around the world.

“He is excited to help grow the UMMAF/Kick International organization in the Northeastern United States as the Regional Director,” the release stated.

“I’m excited to join a real organization with international ties, that has a great level of continuity, structure and professionalism with safety and regulation always at the forefront. I look forward to bringing what many around the globe have experienced to the Northeast Region of the United States,” Kilkenny said.

“I look forward to being at the helm of the UMMAF Northeast region as it makes its long awaited return to the area. I bring over 10 years of Combative sports regulation to UMMAF/KICK International and look forward to using that experience to facilitate safe regulation, training, and providing new opportunity for athletes on their combat sports journey!”

UMMAF National Director and Vice President Ryan Brueggeman states, “We could not be more excited to add Tom Kilkenny to our team as the UMMAF Northeast Regional Director. Tom brings a wealth of experience in the regulation of Muay Thai and MMA. Tom has a proven ability to build a solid team of qualified officials in the region and we look forward to his assistance, and professionalism in the continued growth of UMMAF and KICK International beginning with the New York area.”

Interested promoters may reach Tom Kilkenny at

Kilkenny and co-promoter Eugene Perez will hold ACC 19 at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York on September 22.