Triton Fights 2

Eric Ott after his final amateur MMA fight.

Triton Fights 2 Results: Ott Successfully Defends MW Title, Oliveira Claims Vacant FW Title

Triton Fights 2 Results!

As Triton Fights 2 ring announcer, David Diamante introduced each fighter into the Triton Fights cage Friday night at The Space at Westbury, every fighter throughout all ten bouts lived up to their agreement of putting on a show for the crowd. Triton Fights 2 can easily be declared as one of the greatest fight cards, top to bottom, for a regional promotion. On the card, Eric Ott successfully defended his middleweight crown in a three-round battle verse Marcus Chin. In the co-main event, Alex Oliveira claimed the Triton Fights vacant featherweight title after submitting Jason Olcott.

The preliminary fights included four New York State amateur novice bouts and the main card held six advanced amateur fights. The United States Muay Thai Association (USMTA) sanctioned the Triton Fights, as referees Alexius Phoenix and Dan Miragliotta supervised the action inside the cage.

Ott vs. Chin – Main Event

Triton Fights 2
Eric Ott after his final amateur MMA fight

In the main event, Long Island MMA’s Eric Ott (3-1) battled through three-rounds to defend his Triton Fights middleweight championship against Marcus Chin (5-6), of Apprentice MMA. Ott’s six-foot-three-inch frame made it difficult for Chin to get inside the Yaphank resident’s reach. Chin charged in a few times using a blitzkrieg of strikes hoping to catch Ott. The Bellmore Kickboxing and Long Island MMA fighter utilized excellent footwork to avoid any real threats. Ott also used his long limbs to tie up Chin, dragging Chin to the canvas multiple times throughout the title fight.

Ott put together several combinations that connected to the head of Chin. The real damage came when Ott used his Jiu-Jitsu to lockup Chin’s arms and rain down numerous strikes to the skull and body of the Apprentice MMA fighter.

Throughout round two and three, it was apparent that Ott was suffering from an injury after his dominating round one. Ott informed that he believes he broke his hand in the first round. The champion proved why he has the Triton Fights belt strapped around his waist as he persevered through an injury against a tough opponent. Ott defeated Chin via Unanimous Decision, scoring 30-27 on all three judges’ scorecards.

Olcott vs. Oliveira – Co-Main Event

The co-main event between Oliveira (3-2) and Olcott (3-1) jumped out of the gate as a high-paced featherweight bout. The skill between these two athletes in this highly anticipated title fight almost guaranteed an early finish.

As the bell started the fight, both fighters met in the center of the cage where they landed kicks and several combinations. Mantra MMA’s Oliveira pinned Olcott against the cage at one point where he landed several brutal knees to the body of the undefeated Kioto BJJ fighter. After Oliveira’s takedown and a brief scramble, The Mantra MMA fighter displayed his high-level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu skills as he wrapped his legs around Olcott in transition to lockup a tight leg triangle. While Oliveira held Olcott in the leg triangle, he dropped numerous hammer fists upon Olcott, forcing him to tap. Oliveira earned a first round stoppage to be crowned the Triton Fights featherweight champion.

Alex Oliveira (3-2, Mantra MMA) def. Jason Olcott (3-1, Kioto BJJ) via Submission (Leg triangle) in Round 1, at 2:31.

195 Catchweight Machado vs. Puglia 

In this catchweight bout, Jeremy Puglia (4-1) and Machado (1-2) went to war for three rounds. It was like two US Navel Destroyers flexing and dropping all their power in every punch thrown. These two 195-pound fighters kept a relentless pace throughout the entire bout.

The highlight of the fight was when Puglia lifted Machado in a fireman carry across his shoulders and continued to throw Machado to the mat as if he was Brock Lesnar throwing an opponent at Summer Slam out a window.

Puglia, the Vamos BJJ fighter pulled out a Unanimous Decision victory over the Muay Thai Nation/914 Krav Maga fighter. Puglia won two rounds according to the judges’ scorecards, awarding him the 29-28 win.

Fight of the Night: Rodriguez vs. Acevedo – Welterweight 

In what My MMA News selected as Fight of the Night, Andrews Rodriguez (3-0) and Chris Acevedo (2-3) delivered an action-packed welterweight fight in the organization’s deepest weight class. Rodriguez, of Victory Martial Arts, showed tremendous heart and grit against Jungle Gyms powerful Acevedo.

After the first round, it appeared Acevedo controlled the fight. Acevedo earned a takedown after slamming Rodriguez to his back. For nearly a minute, the Jungle Gym fighter applied ground-and-pound, transitioning from guard to side control, to full-mount. Rodriguez eventually created a scramble and gained his feet underneath him, standing the fight back up. After the VMA fighter landed a couple of kicks, Acevedo scored the biggest slam of the evening. He finished the round drilling Rodriguez with heavy shots.

In round two, Rodriguez used his reach to keep Acevedo at bay, only allowing a single takedown and stuffing the Jungle Gym fighters other two attempts. After Rodriguez allowed minimal damage while his back was on the canvas, he landed numerous combinations and a few head kicks that stole him the second round. As the second round was coming to a conclusion, Rodriguez found his stride striking against Acevedo.

The undefeated fighter carried the momentum into round three where he denied Acevedo of all takedown attempts. Rodriguez used his long reach to keep his fellow welterweight at distance and picked him apart throughout the final round of the fight. Rodriguez earned a birthday gift given by his hard work and determination. He won a split decision victory over Chris Acevedo by scores of 29-28, 29-28, 28-29.

Ajim vs. Inoshima – Bantamweight

This fight didn’t find make it out of the first round as Ajim of Long Island MMA caught Inoshima with a counter strike. The knockout came at 1:00 minute in the first round.

Inoshima came in throwing a looping right and Ajim side stepped to the left countering with a left hook that landed flush to the skull of the TSMMA fighter.

Inoshima instantly lost consciousness and face planted into the canvas giving Ajim his second career win. Inoshima dropped to 0-3.

Nasr vs. Solis – Flyweight 

Mamdou Nasr (1-2), of Kai Next Level MMA, fought a hard three-round fight against Jungle Gym’s Edwin Solis (2-1). Solis strength quickly wore down Nasr thru the first two round. Nasr held his own and fought off his back several times within the bout but once Solis captured the back of Nasr, it was the end.

These two flyweights have a bright future if the continue to work hard inside the gym. Fans shouldn’t be shocked if both warriors find themselves squaring off down the road in a title contention fight. Solis finished Nasr in round three at 2:17, via Rear-Naked choke.

Undercard – (Novice Amateur Rules)

Garcia vs. Scott – Light Heavyweight 

In this light heavyweight bout, Kareem Scott (1-0) of Vamos BJJ tried to rip the head of Ben Garcia (0-1) off while squeezing his grip of the Rear-Naked Choke. Garcia was obviously out skilled inside the cage but showed tremendous grit to survive past the first round.

Scott is a well built light heavyweight that relentlessly attacked Garcia throughout the first round. At the start of round two, Scott stole the back of Garcia and earned the victory via Rear-Naked choke at 0:38.

Rodriguez vs. Yodice – Lightweight

In a fight that contended for Fight of the Night, Jose Rodriguez (1-0) and Justin Yodice (0-0) fought three rounds to a split decision. Rodriguez, of UFC Gym – Staten Island caught Yodice of Trigon Academy and Bellmore Kickboxing MMA with a left hook. Yodice dropped to his back but appeared to remain conscious the entire time and bounced back to his feet. Yodice immediately shot in for a takedown. Rodriguez sprawled and the Bellmore Kickboxing MMA fighter drove his feet until he pressed the UFC Gym – Staten Island fighter against the cage, bringing him down to the mat. Yodice remained in top position for over a minute delivering body shots and controlling the remainder of the round.

Round two, Rodriguez came out swinging landing numerous shots on Yodice, backing him up to the cage. Rodriguez continued to out strike his opponent until Yodice scored the first of his two takedowns. While in side control, Yodice went for an Arm Bar that Rodriguez pulled out of but after a brief scramble, Yodice locked a leg triangle on Rodriguez while he was in his guard. After being tied up in a triangle for 20 seconds, Rodriguez had a mini slam that allowed him to escape. Once both fighters were standing the undefeated fighter landed several more strikes before Yodice took Rodriguez down at the ten-second mark of the round.

The final round of the bout started similar to the second round. Rodriguez came out strong striking and Yodice dragged his opponent to the floor with a takedown. While on the canvas, Yodice quickly moved into full-mount where he scored heavy body shots. Yodice attempted an Arm Bar, which looked to be very tight at one point. Rodriguez didn’t panic and rolled with Yodice where he eventually slipped his elbow pass the danger point and finally out. Back on their feet, Rodriguez striking continued. Stuffing a shot of Yodice, Rodriguez began kicking the legs of the fighter making his MMA debut. Yodice snagged a single-leg takedown and attempted another Arm Bar as the fight came to a conclusion.

Justin Yodice (1-0) defeated Jose Rodriguez (1-1) in a fight between two talented young fighters. Hopefully, a rematch can be scheduled when both fighters are competing in advanced amateur rules. The judges’ scored the fight very differently which left the faces of spectators puzzled. Yodice won via Split Decision 30-27, 29-28, 27-30.

Picciano vs. Prokopyak – Welterweight 

In this highly anticipated bout, Inferno MMA’s Tom Picciano (0-1) battled Stepan Prokopyak (2-0, Renzo Gracie) in a matchup of two rising Triton Fights welterweight stars. In the first round, Picciano immediately got in the face of Prokopyak. Prokopyak though is a tall and long fighter for the 170-pound weight class, which proved to create some difficulty for the Islip, Long Island native. As Picciano attempted to takedown his opponent, he absorbed numerous knees to the body, which played a factor later in the bout. Picciano did manage to wrangle the Renzo Gracie fighter to the mat a couple of times in the first round.

The start of round two, Picciano didn’t seek a takedown out of the gate and attempted to strike with the Ukraine fighter. After a couple of exchanges, Picciano scored a big takedown where he managed to land some heavy body ground-and-pound. Using an under hook, Prokopyak reversed Picciano and climbed to his feet. After another powerful takedown by Picciano, the UFC – Staten Island fighter climbed up his opponent’s leg and managed to land a game-changing knee.

Propkopyak defeated Picciano via TKO in round two, at 2:53.

Vallejo vs. Santiago – Featherweight 

This fight had the highlight knockout of the evening. Alex Santiago (1-1) earned his first victory in devastating fashion. A head kick caught UFC Gym – Staten Island fighter, Israel Vallejo (0-1) with a right head kick that put his lights out. The first round was a fast paced round as these two 145-pounders went after each other.

After Vallejo dropped to the canvas, referee Alexius Phoenix immediately ended the fight and attended to the grounded athlete. Vallejo was removed from the cage on a stretcher as a precautionary measure but was able to gather his footing in the back and granted permission by doctors to walk out on his two feet.

Triton Fights 2

Triton Fights 2 displayed a knowledgeable matchmaker as the entire fight card included the crowd for what might have been their best fight card thus far. Eric Ott announced after his victory that TF2 was his last amateur fight. Triton Fights 3 returns to The Space at Westbury on June 30, 2017. It is likely that welterweight champion John Gotti will be defending his crown.

Keep an eye out for My MMA News rankings to be announced with in the next week.

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