UFC 239 results Jon Jones picks up split decision over gritty Thiago Santos

UFC 239 results: Jon Jones picks up split decision over gritty Thiago Santos

UFC 239, as well as International Fight Week, was headlined by one of the all-time greats in the history of the sport as Jon Jones defended the UFC light heavyweight title against the top contender, the very dangerous Thiago Santos. The event took place at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since returning to the Octagon from his most recent and well documented USADA suspension, Jones has made it a point to be as active as possible. “Bones” returned in December at UFC 232 to take on Alexander Gustafsson in a rematch of their epic showdown at UFC 165 in September 2013. Jones finished the fight in the third round to become the 205-pound world champion once again. The soon to be 32-year-old would return less than three months later to defend the belt against Anthony Smith at UFC 235, a fight in which Jones cruised to a unanimous decision.

Standing across from Jones was Santos, a man riding a four-fight winning streak. “Marreta” defeated Kevin Holland at UFC 227 via unanimous decision before rifling off three consecutive finishes of Eryk Anders, Jimi Manuwa and Jan Blachowicz to set Santos up for his first chance at becoming a UFC world champion.

Here is how the main event of UFC 239 went down between Jon Jones and Thiago Santos, including round-by-round scoring.

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Jones crawls, then walks towards Santos and the main event is underway. Jones opens up with some kicks, including his patented side kick. Santos with a big leg kick leaves Jones off balance. Leg kick from Jones with a little over a minute gone in the round. Inside leg kick lands from the challenger, who is showing patience early on. Leg kick lands flush from Santos. Side kick lands from Jon Jones. The champ catches a kick from Santos and looks to take it down. Jones just misses a haymaker upon separation. The leg kicks from Santos are having an effect as Jones switches stances. High kick blocked by Santos. Another calf kick lands by Santos. Jones loses his mouthpiece momentarily and back to work they go. Santos lands a left hand after Jones comes up short with a body kick. Good round so far for the challenger. They exchange and Santos just misses a big bomb. Another leg kick from the challenger. Leg kick from Jones. Final seconds of the round and they circle. Jones lands a spinning kick as the horn sounds. Santos is fighting very intelligently thus far.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Santos


Jones comes out and Santos lands a kick to the leg, but it looks like Santos hurt himself. Santos throwing a flurry but seems to have recovered from the initial sting. Leg kick misses from Jones, Santos answers with his own. Santos misses with a left, then throws a head kick that is blocked by the champion. Side kick from Jones lands to the body as Santos doesn’t look to have the same pop with his strikes. Jones lands a right hand, Santos answers with a hard body kick. Santos almost fell over and Jones lands a body kick to knock him down. Leg kick from the champion who looks much more comfortable. Santos with a left hand to the body. Jones with a left hand, Santos answers with a combination that falls just short. Head kick blocked by Jones. Quick kick to the body from Jones with under 45 seconds left in the round. Side kick caught by Santos as the challenger looks a little bit stronger. Jones misses a pair of spinning kicks as the round ends.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Jones


They meet in the center as Santos misses a spinning kick. Jones moving forward and catches a Santos head kick. Hard leg kick from the champion lands. Body kick from Santos lands, who then stumbles a little bit from that injury in the second round. Jones lands a body kick but Santos answers with three big punches. Jones knocks Santos down and is stalking him down, then throws a big flying knee and ends up over the top of Santos and to the floor. Santos continues to hobble on that leg. Jones lands a hard leg kick. Santos is still throwing bombs despite being hurt. Jones lands a short elbow and Santos is bleeding from the head. Kick lands from Jones, answered by Santos. High kick lands from Jones, then a side kick to the body and a front kick. Jones is opening up now. Head kick lands from the champion, and a side kick to the lead leg. Under a minute to go. Side kick pushes Santos back against the fence. Santos throws a leg kick, which Jones checks. Body kick from Santos with a jab behind it. Jones just misses a spinning elbow as the round comes to an end.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Jones


Championship rounds begin as Jones eats huge left hand from Santos, who then tries to follow up and misses a big right hand. Spinning back kick to the body lands from the champ. Jones misses a wheel kick after fainting towards a single leg. Leg kick from Jones lands, Santos comes up short with a high kick. Santos stumbles a little bit once again but is still trying to throw shots. Leg kick checked by Jones as we approach the halfway point of the round. Jones just misses a big uppercut, and follows with a flush leg kick that caught Santos’ attention. Jones switches stances and misses a back fist. Slower output this round from both competitors, but Jones is actively pushing the pace and switching stances. Kick to the body from Jones, with a headlock behind it. Superman punch lands from the champion. Under 30 seconds left and a shin-to-shin strike lands from Santos. The horn sounds and Santos throws a wheel kick that misses.

MyMMANews.com scores it 10-9 for Jones


Final round begins with a body kick from Santos. Left hand stuns Jones a bit as the champion throws another spinning high kick. Quick body kick from Jon Jones, answered with an inside leg kick from Santos. A quick stumble again from Santos who has to be given a on of credit for his toughness. Santos lands a left hand, followed by a huge head kick. Jones is showing his chin repeatedly throughout the fight. Jones with a side kick to the thigh of Santos, followed up by a side kick to the body. Another side kick to the leg from Jones. Another leg kick from Santos, answered by Jones. Santos throws another leg kick, but stumbles again. Side kick to the thigh lands from Jones once more. Under two minutes to go in the fight as Jones walks towards Santos. Flying knee comes up short from Jones. Santos storms in and lands two punches. Jab from Jones lands as we’re under a minute to go. High kick caught by Santos. Leg kick thrown by Santos. Leg kick from Jones lands with under 10 seconds to go. The final horn sounds and Jones is confident he did enough to win. Will be interesting to see how the judges score this one.

MyMMANews.com scores the round 10-9 for Santos and the fight 48-47 for Jones


Official result: Jon Jones def. Thiago Santos via split decision (47-48, 48-47 x2)



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