Angela Magana

UFC strawweight Angela Magana in hospital after Twister submission

UFC strawweight competitor Angela Magana recently ended up in the hospital after refusing to tap from a submission hold.

Magana, who competed on season 20 of the Ultimate Fighter, tweeted a photo of herself lying in a hospital bed with what appears to be injuries to her ribs and chest.

The Twister is a submission technique rarely seen in mixed martial arts however when applied it is very painful and very dangerous.

The Twister is performed from the back mount. The go to, classic, age old submission form the back mount is the rear-naked choke. Because of this, everybody is ready to defend against it so it can be a lot more difficult to sink in than you would expect. This makes also helps make the Twister, a relatively unseen move, more likely to surprise the opponent.

Again, the Twister is just mean. It involves twisting the whole torso and neck. The lower body is pulled in one direction by a leg triangle, and the upper body is pulled in the other direction via neck crank. The whole submission tends to focus this pressure on the cervical vertebrae in the neck making it extremely painful and possibly dangerous if followed through with.

She must be doing fine today however because well “Your Majesty” tweeted another picture of her favorite breakfast food, bacon.

Below is video of The Twister actually being applied in the UFC in a bout between The Korean Zombie, Chan Sung Jung and Leonard Garcia.

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