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Urijah Faber says he’d ‘love to’ fight Henry Cejudo

After Henry Cejudo beat Marlon Moraes to become the bantamweight champion, he had an interesting post-fight callout. There, the so-called flyweight savior didn’t call out a single flyweight, or any top bantamweights. Rather, he called out Dominick Cruz, Cody Garbrandt and Urijah Faber. And, Faber is very interested in the bout.

“First off, I’ve been a huge fan of Henry,” Faber said on the Jim Rome podcast. “They call him ‘The Cringe’ because of the goofy stuff he does. But, you can’t deny that he’s got a mindset that is champion to the utmost. Gold medal as young as he did in the Olympics and then becoming a two-time champion, two different weight classes, two of the toughest weight classes – incredible. And you saw that champion mindset takeover. Moraes is a guy that is a champion as well so to see him getting outclassed in the first round and hit a mental switch to turn around and break a guy like Moraes speaks volumes.

“Things come up to matchups. I’ve never been broken in a fight. He’s a wrestler first that has really good standup as he’s shown of late, and an iron jaw and a great mindset but a matchup with him and Cody is super exciting. I would love to do a matchup. There’s nothing in the world that excites me more than fighting someone that could possibly be the best of all time in combat sports. How exciting is that for somebody who has got their own goal to do that?

“Then Dominick Cruz, you can never count that guy out. He’s a champion of champions as well. So I liked his callouts and I would love to see a fight with myself or Cody, or Dominick Cruz for Henry.”

For Urijah Faber to get the Cejudo fight he will first need to beat Ricky Simon at UFC Sacramento. If he does that, there is no word on if the UFC is interested in any of those callouts.

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