Valentina Shevchenko vs Jessica Eye targeted for UFC 238

Valentina Shevchenko responds to Jessica Eye’s criticism

Valentina Shevchenko is set to defend her flyweight title at UFC 238 when she takes on top contender, Jessica Eye. However, Eye believes Shevchenko’s ability to adjust is one of her biggest weaknesses, along with other critique’s about the champions game. That got a response from Shevchenko who does not agree with that statement.

“I think she don’t know what she speak about,” Valentina Shevchenko said. “Because it’s like… Not make sense. To lack of adjust… It not make sense at all. The other thing that you have so much technique in your arsenal, you have so much everything to choose a weapon [for] what you’re going to use against your opponent.

“This is what I see. In my mind, the adjustments are not just like, adjust because you don’t have the opportunity to do something else. No, [it’s] just choosing the right weapon against your opponent. And this is what every time I am doing.

“If I need to go hard. I can go hard,” she continued. “If I need to wait a little bit, I will wait. If I have to go striking, I will go to strike, if I have to go down, I will go down. I have a lot of techniques. I have a lot of everything to choose what I will play against you. And this is like, more dangerous I can say. Listening to her quote, I really understand she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Maybe she’s like saying words, but she doesn’t know exactly what this means.”

Ultimately, both Shevchenko and Eye can look to prove the other one wrong at UFC 238 which goes down on June 8 at the United Center in Chicago. It will be Shevchenko’s first title defense while it will be Eye’s first UFC title fight in her career.

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