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VIDEO – “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson surprises UFC fighter who had just $7 in bank account

Famed actor and professional wrestler Dwayne Johnson, more popularly known as “The Rock”, surprised UFC fighter Themba Gorimbo while the mixed martial artist was in the middle of an interview earlier this week.

Gorimbo was victorious inside the octagon at UFC Vegas 73 on May 20, but his biggest win came when he earned the respect of “The Rock.”

The MMA fighter from Kyalami, Johannesburg, South Africa, defeated Takashi Sato by way of unanimous decision and later spoke about financial hardships during the post-fight media scrum.

“I’ve been broke,” Gorimbo said. “I came to America seven weeks ago without money. I only had enough money to fly, get to the airport to the gym, stayed at the gym, and then a friend sent me $200.

“It’s been a roller coaster. I didn’t have money, if you look at my bank account there’s $7 right now. In my bank account, there’s $7, and I have to enjoy this. I don’t know how much I’m getting paid. All I’ve been focused on for this fight was to get the win. The win was the most important thing, the money is the byproduct of getting the win.”

The Rock later saw a graphic on Twitter shared by ESPN recapping Gorimbo’s story and felt inclined to share some of his own past, as well as reach out to the young UFC fighter himself.

“This is f’n crazy to see and brings back many emotions and memories.
$7.49 in this fighter’s bank account.
I once had $7 bucks too. I’ve been there on that grind.
Got your back, brother. I’ll help.
You got this. I’ll be in touch


The day that Johnson would be in touch finally came through as he surprised him mid-interview.

A stunned Gorimbo jumped out of his seat and hugged Johnson.

The Rock wrote, ”
We’ve never met but I had to fly to Miami to look this man @TheAnswerMMA in the eyes, hug him and shake his hand. I’ve been moved & motivated by his story ❤️

He recently won his first fight in the @ufc.

He had $7 bucks in his bank account when he won.

He sleeps on a couch in the gym.

After the fight, he sold his fight gear (trunks & gloves) on line and made $7,000. Instead of using the money to find a place to live, he built a bush pump so his village back in Zimbabwe can have clean water.

He never asked me for anything, but I just wanted to help the guy out. $7 Bucks ya know.

And I felt the MANA & emotion in every hug 😊💪🏾

Very good and very special day.

#thembagorimbo 🇿🇼”

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