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Wanderlei Silva Says Mike Tyson Fight Could Happen in November or December

Wanderlei Silva recently talked about the possibility of fighting Mike Tyson in a bare knuckle boxing match later this year. In an interview with MMA TRUFAN, Wanderlei explained his desire to fight the legendary boxer.

“It is a great opportunity because the guy is a legend. (He was) my inspiration to fight. It is a great honor for me. I hope this fight really happens because for me it’s really interesting.”

Silva said the fight wasn’t finalized yet but he did say it could happen before the end of the year.

“Maybe in November or December. With this coronavirus we can’t do (anything) yet.”

“The Axe Murderer” talked about how he looked up to Tyson when he was younger and even tried to be like him in some ways.

“I like him a lot. I copied his staredowns and his style. He gave inspiration to a lot of guys and to me too.”

Silva said they have only spoken about a bare knuckle fight but he would be open to a regular boxing match with gloves on as well.

“I’m open to talking to other organizations. Maybe someone wants to make this fight with gloves, no problem.”

Wanderlei on Tyson and Cordeiro

Silva talked about the brewing conflict that may arise with his longtime coach and friend, Rafael Cordeiro, now working as Tyson’s primary trainer. On the other hand, he shared that it actually created an opportunity for him.

“He’s my coach but before he trained with him I had nobody offering a fight to me. After he starts training with Cordeiro everybody wants to make th”s fight. This is good.”

Silva continued by saying he would rather not see Cordeiro in the opposing corner if they were to fight but he has not issue with Cordeiro working with Tyson.

“He’s open to train who he wants. No problem.”

Wanderlei “The Axe Murderer” Silva fighting “Iron” Mike Tyson in a bare knuckle fight would be a fantasy matchup for many fans. It would also be a fight between two legendary knockout artists with Wanderlei and Tyson finishing their careers with twenty-seven and forty-four knockouts respectively. The idea of these two men fighting without gloves on would have been unimaginable for most people just a few years ago.

Hear the entire interview with Wanderlei Silva on MMA TRUFAN below.

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