Willo Hayden, Irish Amateur Boxer, Signs with Queensberry Promotions

William Hayden, who goes by Willo Hayden, has signed with Queensberry Promotions. The Irish prospect has a mysterious following and has won gold at the 2016 European Championships. Hayden has over 300 amateur fights and is undefeated in 45 championship fights in Ireland.

Introducing himself, the young man has been planning on going professional for some time and he’s excited to join Frank Warren with Queensberry.

“My name is William but I am becoming known as Willo and that is what Frank has taken to calling me,” He continues, “[I’ve] intended to pursue senior experience before COVID-19 restrictions prevented amateur activity and resulted in major competitions being cancelled.”

Willo Hayden says while his senior level experience, he’s not had any shortage of experience with boxers  his senior.

“I never got to fight at senior level, but I have sparred the seniors at my weight and I got the better of them, so I am very confident,” said Hayden, who is a product of Crumlin BC under Head Coach and two-time Olympian Philip Sutcliffe.

It wasn’t for a lack of trying on Hayden’s part. He planned on fighting in the seniors and going to the World Championships but the pandemic had different plans.

“I was preparing for the seniors before the pandemic kicked in and I also had the World Championships lined up, but Ireland didn’t take part in the end.”

Willo Hayden Becoming A Professional and Queensberry Promotions

The young Willo Hayden says that he would have loved to go to the senior level and the World Championships but waiting wouldn’t have been optimal for his ultimate goals at the professional levels.

“Staying in the amateurs would mean too much waiting around now and I am ready to get going in the pro game.”

As for picking Frank Warren and Queensberry Promotions, Willo Hayden wouldn’t have it any other way. “I am delighted with it,” he continued. “If I had to choose any promoter he would always be my number one.”

It was when Hayden was training with Conor McGregor in preparation for his fight with Dustin Poirier when one of McGregor’s team put him in touch with the legendary promoter.

“I was over in Portugal training with Conor McGregor in preparation for his fight with Dustin Poirier and cutsman Andy O’Neill was over there, who does Connor’s wraps. He was able to put me in contact with (Queensberry whip) Simon Legg, who got in touch with Frank and they were interested in promoting me.”

He continues on his relationship with McGregor and his team, “Andy and Connor come from the same club as me in Crumlin, so we are all fairly tight.”

Willo Hayden says that signing with Frank Warren plays into his career progression. He really enjoys Warren’s track record with young fighters and that he is happy to have the promoter investing him.

“Frank has a strong record with developing young fighters and that seems to be his strategy. He has got a lot of top young prospects who he is investing in to see how they turn out in the future.”

As far as the amount of activity you can be expecting from Hayden, look forward to a handful of fights a year.

“I think we are looking at six fights a year and that is what the aim is. I am delighted I am going to be busy and Frank is also going to get me over as often as he can for top quality sparring.”

Moving over to England from Ireland is an excited prospect for Willo Hayden. “I am also 100 per cent delighted over the prospect of fighting over in England,” added Hayden.

As to why to tune in to such a young prospect, Hayden says you’ll be pleased watching the young 19 year old fight. “I am very hard-hitting and I have a good few stoppages on my card. I can adapt as well, I am not just a big banger and I have a good boxing IQ, so I can adjust to any opponent.”

He makes adjustments on the fly as well. He can change the gameplan on the fly in the middle of a fight.

“There have been loads of times where I have gone in aggressive then come out for the second round completely different and fought off the back foot. So I am completely adaptable, but I am mostly aggressive, come forward and strong.

All in all, Hayden gives a call to actions for fans: “I will be exciting to watch.”

Frank Warren on Willo Hayden

Frank Warren says that signing Hayden is a great opportunity for the boxer and for Queensberry. He looks forward to getting the Irish prospect in front of everyone on BT Sport and more.

“I am both delighted and excited to be adding Willo to our ranks. He was undoubtedly the finest amateur talent in Irish boxing and I am looking forward to him showcasing his ability on our shows and to a wider audience on BT Sport.”

But signing Willo Hayden is nothing new for Frank Warren and company. They pride themselves on finding the right young boxers and setting their career up for success.

“We are continually looking to build young stars for the future and I am confident Willo possesses the application and natural ability to reach the very top of the sport. Much the same as with our other exceptional young fighters, our first job is to get him the experience he needs and he won’t be rushed.”

As for when we can see Hayden fight first, they’re already searching for an opponent and date. Warren is confident he can make his way to the title.

“We will deliver the right fights for him at the right time and I am sure boxing fans will enjoy watching his development and progression towards title contention.”

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