WrestleMania 36 Results

WrestleMania 36 Results – Night 1 – Order and Watch

Too big for one night, WWE continues its yearly tradition, with its 36th installment of  WrestleMania. Originally scheduled to take place a Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the event has been relocated to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida.

WrestleMania 36, Night One features body-slamming action filled with storied rivalries, dream confrontations, and high stakes championship matches.

The main card airs live on FITE TV at 7pm ET / 4 pm PT, with Kickoff Show starting at 6 pm E.t/ 3 pm P.T.

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Match 1

Alexia Bliss & Nikki Cross vs. The Kabuki Warriors ( Asuka & Kari Sane) (c)- WWE Women’s Tag Tag Championship

Wrestlemania kicks off with a battle for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships. Asuka starts against The Pirate Princess, Kari Sane. After some brief taunting between both teams, the Kabuki Warriors take control over the match, isolating cross to their corner. The tide of the match changed with Cross and Alexia dominating their opponents, with grappling submissions and high flying offense. After a melee on the outside, The Kabuki Warriors are back on the offense dominating both Cross and Bliss. The Kabuki Warriors are in total control over the match. Asuka looks to finish Cross with her patient Asuka Lock, but Alexia dives off with a twisted bliss to break the submission attempt, followed by Sane his Bliss with a spear. After exciting seesaw action, which could have gone in any team’s favor, it would be a Twisted Bliss unto Kari Sane by Alexia Bliss to end the match. Alexia Bliss & Nikki Cross are the New tag team champions.

Alexia Bliss & Nikki Cross defeats. The Kabuki Warriors ( Asuka & Kari Sane).

King Corbin vs. Elias

The match hasn’t started as King Corbin looks to get the upper hand. Rushing out to the ring, he is met with a guitar to the back by Elias. After the official sound of the bell, Elias tortures the King with brutal chops and pushing Corbin’s already sore back. Miraculously, Corbin gains some offense punishing Ellias working on the right shoulder. Elias soon makes a comeback, but Corbin is one step ahead, countering his opponent with his signature “Deep 6”. King Corbin tries to cheat his way to victory utilizing the ropes for leverage, as he is caught red-handed by the referee. Corbin begins to argue with the official. Elias takes advantage of the distraction Corbin with a roll-up, gets the 1-2-3 for the victory.

Elias defeats King Corbin

Becky Lynch (c) vs. Shayna Baszler- WWE Raw Women’s Championship

Both women start the match with a slugfest with Baszler getting the better of the exchange. A hurricanrana on the outside of the ring sway the match back in favor of the champion. Continuing her offense inside the ring with a dropkick off the top rope and an attempted dis-armmer submission hold. The champion is in full control of the match. The tide of the match soon changes, as Baszler his a powerbomb followed by an armbar. Baszler looks to finish Lynch with the Curacluta Clutch, but Lynch rolls through the submission to get the three count. Becky Lynch retains the title.

Becky Lynch defeats Shayna Baszler

Daniel Bryan vs. Sami Zane (c)- WWE Intercontinental Championship

The Champion, Zane, starts off the battle with mind games, refusing to engage with Bryan. With Zane using Nakamura and Cessaro as shields, Gulak takes out both men, leaving Bryan all for Zane. From there, it’s all Bryan, as he punishes the champion with mounted ground and pound, and kicks to the gut. Later in the match, Zane gains some brief offense, but none of his attacks seems to be phasing Byran. Bryan goes back on the offense. Bryan looks to finish Zane with a dropkick from the top rope. However, while flying in the air, Zane hits the Baluva Kick, in-route to getting the victory to retain his championship belt.

Sami Zane defeats Daniel Bryan.

The Miz & John Morrison (c) vs. The Usos vs. The New Day- WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship 

At the start of the match, each man quickly grabs a ladder to bring to the ring, ascending to capture the titles. This match is pure carnage, as each man utilized the ladder as a weapon, defensive tactics, and high flying offense. The resilience, heart, and determination of each man are off the charts. This can go in any team’s favor. The concluding moments of the match showcased Morrison, Jay Uso, and Kingston in fingertips reach of the title. As each man fights for the title, the latch holding the title comes off, with each man clutching the latch with the titles. John Morrison slips off the ladder, crashing on top of another ladder below with the title belts in hand. The Miz & John Morrison retain the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championships.

The Miz & John Morrison defeats. The Usos & The New Day

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

After punishing offense at the beginning of the match, it would be a back body drop unto the side of the ring apron to swing the match back in favor of the Monday Night Messiah Rollins. After an attempt crumb stop, Owens counters with a DDT followed by a superkick. Rollins is back on offense as he hit a buckle bomb on the turnbuckle. Later, Rollins tries to get himself DQ giving the win to Owens. However, Owens refuses to take the victory in that fashion, as the match is restarted with the NO DQ stipulation add. Playing off the new rules, Rollins punishes Owens with chair shots and even the steel steps. Owens counters hitting Rollins with the ring bell. With Rollins laying on the announcer table, Owens ascends to the Wrestlemania sign, delivering an elbow drop onto his opponent through a table. Looking Owens finishes off Rollins with a Stunner, getting the victory for the second time in one night.

Kevin Owens defeats Seth Rollins

Goldberg (c) vs. Braun Strowman – WWE Universal Championship

Goldberg looks to finish the match early with three consecutive spears. Looking to finish off his opponent, Goldberg goes for his finishing move, The Jackhammer. Strowman counters, hitting Goldberg with four consecutive Powerslam, with the fourth slam getting his the 1-2-3. Braun Strowman is your new Universal Champion.

Braun Strowman defeats Goldberg

AJ Style vs. The Undertaker – Bone Yard Match

Aj Styles shows up to a boneyard ready to do battle with The Undertaker. Mysteriously out of the dark shadows appears The Undertaker, as the American Badass. This battle did not feel like a match, but more like a mini-movie featuring the antagonist, AJ Styles, and everyone’s favorites anti-hero, The Undertaker. The action pack match filmed featured Styles throwing every obstacle in front of the Deadman from weapons, taunting, and even some assistance from his friends The OC. However, AJ needed to be reminded that you can’t destroy the Deadman. The Undertaker would an extraordinary comeback toppling all the obstacles the Phenonamal one threw in his path. The ending climax of this film had reached an epic conclusion, as The Undertaker hits the big boot sending Styles falling into the grave, following up with The Undertakers using the tractor to bury AJ alive.

The Undertaker defeats AJ Styles.







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