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Too big for one night, WWE continues its yearly tradition, with its 36th installment of  WrestleMania. Originally scheduled to take place a Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, due to the coronavirus outbreak, the event has been relocated to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Night One featured a night of shocking returns, epic clashes, and major title changes.

WrestleMania 36, Night Two looks to continue that momentum featuring storied rivalries, dream confrontations, and high stakes championship matches.

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Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Charlotte -NXT Women’s Championship

Night Two of WrestleMania kicks off with the NXT Women’s Championship match. Flair tries to bully the champion with taunts and some high counter-attacks but is quickly stopped with Ripley’s Riptide for a near three count. Ripley continues her attack with hammer fists to the back, suplex attacks, and body scissor submissions. After a missed big boot, Charlotte is now back in control of the match, as she works on the back of Rhea’s knee. NXT Champion, Ripley makes a comeback with a facebuster followed by some knees to the face of Flair, while fighting through her knee pain. Ripley later goes for a standing cloverleaf, which is countered by the challenger Flair. The match concludes with Flair hitting her Figure 8 submission to become the new NXT Women’s Champion.

Charlotte Flair defeats. Rhea Ripley

Aleister Black vs. Bobby Lashley

The starting stages of the match sees Lashley utilizing his power and strength to take control over the game. Lashley continues his domination with various suplexes and power slams, leaving no room for Black to gain any offense. The tide soon changes with Black making a comeback, using his educated feet and high flying offense to slow down The All Mighty One. Lashley quickly regains control over the battle. All it takes is one mistake for the complexion of a match to change. At the directions of his manager, Lana Lashley goes for a spear, which is countered by Black with his finishing move The Black Mask spinning back kick for the victory.

Aleister Black defeats. Bobby Lashley

Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler

This is a feud that has been brewing for months. Ziggler’s quickness proves to be a factor at the beginning of the match, keeping Otis grounded with series of superkicks, dropkicks, and chin locks. Otis recovers, hitting Ziggler with a slingshot to the turnbuckle, as he is now the dominator of the match. Otis continues to work on Ziggler, whipping Dolph repeatedly in the corner. Otis then goes for his caterpillar finish but is distracted by Sonya Deville on the outside, allowing Ziggler to gain the advantage. However, someone comes down to even the odds in Otis’ favor in the form of Mandy Rose. After taking out her former friend, Deville, Rose hits a low blow on Ziggler while the referee is distracted. The distraction allows Otis to hit his caterpillar elbow drop finish, en-route to gaining the victory and the love of Mandy Rose at WrestleMania.

Otis defeats. Dolph Ziggler

Randy Orton vs. Edge -Last Man Standing Match

This match is off to a fast start with Orton surprising Edge from behind with an RKO, followed by another RKO after the official bell ring. The Viper continues his domination hitting Edge with a video camera, as the referee makes the ten count, and Edge gets up at nine. The match makes its way backstage of the Performance Center with Orton still in control. Orton looks to continue his domination over Edge attacking him with a dumbbell, as Edge counters with a dropkick with the match now swinging in his favor. The battle then makes its way to the Production area. In the Production area, both men trade cross punches blow to the face with Edge winning the exchange. Both men now make their way back to the stage area, with Orton throwing Orton off the stage unto the barricaded area. As the Last Man Standing Match continues, Orton and Edge are now fighting in the main office area, with each man using every accessory in the room to damage each other. The men then find themselves in the equipment area of the performance center, with the highlight of that fight area witnesses Orton catapulting Edge into a set of steel steps for a near ten count. Edge is still in this match! Edge later gains control, laying Orton on top of a table, as he ascends a staging area, delivering an elbow drop unto Orton below. After an extended period of brutalizing each other, which includes a draping DDT on top of a pick-up truck and spear on a loading production truck, the match reaches its epic conclusion with Edge finishing off Orton with the Con-Chair-To for the victory.

Edges defeats Randy Orton

The Street Profits (c) vs. Angel Garza and Austin Theory -WWE RAW Tag Team Championship

The experience proves to be a significant factor at the beginning of the match, with the advantage going to The Street Profits over the challengers. After a mishap from Street Profit Dawkins, the match soon swings in favor of Garza and Theory. Ford gets the hot tag, as he uses his high flying offense to fluster both challengers. The match concluded with Montez Ford hitting the Frog Splash unto Theory of the 1-2-3 allowing The Street Profits to retain the Raw tag team titles.

The Street Profits defeats Angel Garza and Austin Theory

Bayley (c) vs. Lacey Evans vs. Sasha Banks vs. Naomi vs. Tamina Snuka – Fatal Five-Way Elimination Match for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship

Four of the competitors look to eliminate the greatest threat of the pack, Tamina Snuka. With Snuka briefly taken out of the equation, Bayley and Banks team up to battle Naomi and Evans, with each team getting their share of offense. Snuka now interjects herself back into the match, as she decimates each competitor with superkicks, corner side splashes, and a Samoa drop. Later, each competitor hits their high flying finish, all piling up to pin Snuka. Tamina Snuka is eliminated. The second elimination befalls upon Naomi, courtesy of Sasha Banks’ “Bank Statement” submission finish. It looks like Evans is outnumbered by best buddies, Sasha and Champion, Bayley. Sasha Banks is the third competitor to be eliminated thanks to Evans’s “Women’s Right” KO finish. It’s now down to two, Bayley vs. Lacey Evans. Throughout the battle, Bayley works on the damaged right arm of Lacey Evans in an attempt to neutralize the use of the Women’s Right. Evans makes an epic comeback with a series of leg kicks to the gut and a Moonsault. However, interfering from behind, Sasha Banks hits a backstabber on Evans, allowing Bayley to follow through to get the win to retain the Women’s Smackdown title.

Bayley defeats Lacey Evans, Sasha Banks, Naomi, & Tamina Snuka

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt -Firefly Fun House Match

An interesting start to the match, as John Cena is teleported to the Firefly Fun House. This intriguing match took a stroll down memory lane of John Cena’s career highlighting moments, such as his debut, the Doctor of Thuanomics Era, and his WrestleMania 30 match with Wyatt interjecting himself into each story adding his own evil twist to Cena’s journey. The Fiend is in total control in the Firefly Fun House confrontation, as Cena is getting destroyed physically and mentally, later allowing Bray Wyatt to secure the victory.

Bray Wyatt defeats John Cena

Brock Lesnar (c) vs. Drew McIntyre – WWE Championship

Right off the gate, Lesnar goes on the attack only to be Claymore kicked by McIntyre for a near three count. Lesnar quickly regains control of the match, taking the challenger to Suplex City, followed by three F-5’s with McIntyre kicking out of each pin attempt. Lesnar is frustrated! Lesnar goes a fourth F-5, but McIntyre counters hitting three consecutive Claymore Kicks to secure the victory, becoming the new WWE Champion.

Drew McIntyre defeats Brock Lesnar



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