VIDEO: MMA competitor Xu Xiaodong destroys taiji master in 10 second fight

Mixed martial arts fighter Xu Xiaodong defeated taiji master Wei Lei in just 10 seconds. PHOTO: CGTN/FACEBOOK

VIDEO: MMA competitor Xu Xiaodong destroys taiji master in 10-seconds

Xu Xiaodong victorious in 10-second fight

Mixed martial arts fighter, Xu Xiaodong, took down taiji master, Wei Lei, and used a ground-and-pound technique to finish the traditionalist after an argument between which art reigned superior led to a quick 10-second fight in Sichuan Province, China last week.

According to, “In ancient China, Taiji, as well as other martial arts, was used, by peasants and others to defend against bandits. People with such skills were also employed as bodyguards to provide safe journey for people and goods in being transported from one place to another place. Although all Taiji styles basically utilize soft and slow movements in their practices, some styles, the Chen Style, utilize a mixture of soft and hard, and slow and fast, movements.”

“Since (Xu) insulted taiji so strongly, including cursing at our ancestors, I thought there was no room for cooperation between us,” Wei told local media.

After his loss, Wei said he accepted the result and apologised for his poor performance.

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