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Your Health is at Risk | Environment Health Issues You Can’t Ignore

From the time of the industrial revolution till today, one thing that human society as a whole has contributed to besides making the quality of life for people around the world better is destroying the environment. Our drive for innovation ay all fronts comes at the cost of our environment going from green to yellow and our skies blue to green.

This environmental destruction has also had effects on human life as well, and there have been many diseases that were born out of the destruction of the environment. Man in the quest for his utter superiority in the society has created issues that not even man has the answer for, and these issues have cost the lives of millions of people around the world.

What are some of the most prevalent environmental health issues and how do they impact human life for the worst.

Climate Change

Climate change describes the change in the earth climate over some time. The difference may occur in temperature and rainfall. This is caused by greenhouse gases that store heat from the sun, and then this heat is used to warm the surface of the earth. Climate change can be catastrophic for everyone around the world as this can lead to the temperature of the ocean rising, and the water-based life forms affected. There can also be a massive rise in global sea levels which can cause flooding around the world.


Pollution is one of the leading causes of environmental health issues. As man has made things easier for itself, it has also made the environment a lot less livable and destroyed it for its convenience. Deforestation, which happens to make space for urban areas has to lead to the air becoming polluted, which leads to the spread of diseases and problems like asthma and other respiratory issues. There are also other forms of pollution like air pollution, noise pollution and so on. Water sources are also being polluted due to industrial waste which drastically affects oceanic life form. Radiating substances being thrown in the sea will also become a cause of disease for all the people who eat seafood from time to time.


Deforestation is the cutting down of trees for the procurement of food or for making or extending urban areas. Trees are one of the essential things for life which gives us food, water, medicine and so much more. Yet some people cut down trees illegally for profit which not only causes death and disease in the long-term but also destroys the environment. Deforestation is also one of the reasons the greenhouse gases being trapped in the earth atmosphere and the temperature of the earth being raised due to climate changed. This also causes pollution and global warming.

Chemical Safety

Chemicals being dumped in an unsafe manner can devastate the environment. Some industries are known to dump chemical waste inside the ocean which is not only a death sentence to the aquatic life inside but also a source of disease for the people who live near the sea and survive on the food provided by the sea.


When an area is not connected to the public transport network, then it can become an environmental issue. This leads to the people in those areas not being able to avail opportunities that should have been available to them but cannot benefit them due to the face they cannot reach those destinations unless they already can buy a car.


Environmental issues also deal with the problems that pertain from the quality of housing people tend to live in. Focus on these issues have changed how buildings and housing strictures are built and have removed the use of specific materials which could later become a public health concern.

Children Environmental Health 

Children are particularly vulnerable when we are dealing with hazards that pertain and persist due to the environment. Millions of children have died due to complications from diarrhea, respiratory issues, malaria, and so many more diseases. Reducing environmental health risks could bring these death rates down a lot more.

The problems that cause death in children include air pollution, climate change, hygiene and sanitation and inadequate water.

Hazardous Waste

 There are many factories around the world which have a track record of not correctly disposing of waste which becomes a massive problem for the environment and people. This also causes various hygiene concerns and can become a trigger for the spread of illness around the world. There are also industrial techniques that cause problems for the environment and spread infectious diseases.


The environmental health concerns are being curbed by government regulations around the world, but still, there is no significant improvement in the quality of life and the environment.



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