Adam Assenza

Adam Assenza – “Yemi (Oduwole) Called Me Out” Before LFA 155

Adam Assenza tests skills with Yemi Oduwole at LFA 155 on March 24th.

Assenza appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts once more to discuss the backstory to this bout, the possibility of a Canada-based UFC event in 2023, and a whole lot more. Excerpts from our chat are below.


UFC possibly coming through Canada later this year

“Yeah you know, it’s in my ear. Obviously, it’s exciting. But like I said when I’m this close to a fight, I don’t care about anything else.”

Adam Assenza

Fellow Ontario-based fighter Zack Powell having previously bested Yemi Oduwole and if Assenza has gotten to work with Powell in this camp

“So the thing is with Yemi (Oduwole), Yemi called me out after I beat Sean Fallon. It was a two-day event. So we were supposed to fight for the StrikeHard title. Then we ended up the week of the fight, it got moved from Indiana to Kentucky. Moved from I guess Strike Hard or whatever the other promotion was called to B2 (Fighting Series). That was because it was like due to COVID restrictions at the time. So I fought Sean Fallon the night before. The next day, Yemi fought, he got a win, and then after he came up to me.”

“He was talking shit like you know, me and you next, this and that. I’m like let’s do it, man, no problem. I guess he had his next five fights up at 170. So I know Zack had fought him. But I don’t think he had much of an MMA base at that time when he had fought him. So it was a pretty easy win, taking him down, and beating him up there. I’ve obviously trained with Zack the last few years. I haven’t trained with him recently. But I’m definitely aware of it. But you know, I’ve prepared for everything.”

Assenza continued, “So I’ve seen Yemi, he can strike. I’ve also seen him wrestle and he can wrestle. Just preparing for every possible option. I’m not too worried about what he’s going to do. My focus is what I’m going to do on fight night.”

LFA 155

What inference Assenza is making as to why Oduwole called him out to begin with

“I think I beat his champion which was Sean Fallon at the StrikeHard and that’s where he fought (Zack) Powell, right. So our fight was supposed to be on that show and it got moved due to COVID restrictions in Indiana to B2 (Fighting Series) in Kentucky. So then he fought there the next night because it was a two-day show… He saw that I beat Sean Fallon and Sean Fallon was their champion, right, the promotion that he originally fought for. So yeah, I think he wanted a piece of me in that regard. So now we’re going to do it.”

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