Teshay Gouthro

Teshay Gouthro on Arnold Jimenez “Go out there and dust him”

Teshay Gouthro tests skills against Arnold Jimenez at LFA 139 on August 19th.

Gouthro appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts once again and covered several subjects before this fight.

Teshay Gouthro

Awareness of Arnold Jimenez’s resume and skillset as a fighter

“Before I decide to sign the contract with anyone, I always watch my opponent. I was only able to find one fight on this guy. The LFA but it was his last fight so that was ok. I just needed that last fight and it was two (rounds) and a minute. Watched him, I watched him, I watched him. I thought it was a good opportunity, good fight for me. Yeah, so I was down.”

Halting Jimenez’s winning streak being a feather in the cap and the redemption of this LFA fight

“Oh yeah, huge. The LFA, I’m coming back right. The first time, short notice. This one’s kind of short notice too, within a month. But definitely, more time to prepare. Coming off a camp too which is nice. That was my first and only loss was LFA. This guy’s 8-2 so it’s a big step up. Trains with a solid fuckin team and he’s about it. Like this is a big one for me. I’m just going to fucking go out there and dust him though. That’s the game plan, that’s always the game plan. But I’m really happy that this is a big one. So let the world know what I’m about.”

LFA 139

Teshay Gouthro continued, “Yeah it’s definitely redemption. Like right after my loss, I went up to the CEO of LFA. I was like yo, I’ll be back, trust me. On a full camp, you’re going to see beautiful violence. He was always down and then I was booked for them earlier in February. Injury popped up so now I’m back and I’m actually gonna show them what’s up. I’d like to put on a beautiful performance and if they could sign me for a three-fight contract, if not then fuckin I’ll just keep on keepin’ on I guess.”

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