Adam Piccolotti

Adam Piccolotti on “big risk, big reward” Mansour Barnaoui bout

Adam Piccolotti tests skills with Mansour Barnaoui at Bellator 287 on October 29th.

Piccolotti once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and covered multiple topics during our chat. Excerpts from our conversation are below.

Adam Piccolotti

Thoughts on Barnaoui being a multi-promotion champion and being his Bellator debut opponent

“They’re bringing in the old dog here to take care of the dirty work. They’ve got this guy coming that not too many people know of unless if you’re a hardcore, then you definitely know of him, right. I’m excited about the matchup. Look, I’m all about big risk, big reward because I’m that confident in myself. So if they give me a guy who’s a tough SOB like this guy and he’s got pretty much no name in the United States.”

“But they’re willing to give me this main event spot, that makes it worth it to me. From a manager standpoint, if this was an under/ prelim card, it wouldn’t make any sense because this guy doesn’t have that name recognition yet at least again, in the United States and within Bellator. But I’m happy to welcome him in on a big stage out there in Italy.”

Bellator 287

Thoughts on Barnaoui’s overall mixed martial arts skillset and how much tape study Piccolotti does

“Yeah, I’m not that guy. I watch some tape for sure but I’m not like the overstudy guy. I like to leave it to my coaches and kind of allow them to pick up on his tendencies, on his habits, on the things that he likes to do, and stuff like that. So I know that the guy can grapple. I know his Jiu-Jitsu is good. He’s got a handful of rear naked chokes under his belt. I know that the guy can strike. I know that he’s going to be tall, lean, and strong for sure like everybody that I fight. Studying tape is important but think there’s a point of overstudying that a lot of people fall into.”

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