Biaggio Ali Walsh “shocked” with PFL opportunity ahead of November 25th fight

Biaggio Ali Walsh joins Lenny this week to preview his fight at PFL Championships 2022 vs. Tom Graesser on Nov. 25th.

Biaggio (1-1) will make his PFL debut on Nov. 25th vs Tom Graesser, currently the prospect, is an amateur and looks to shine on one of the biggest stages with a rare opportunity that any fighter would jump on this early.

In this interview we speak about Biaggio’s upcoming fight and being related to his granddad, Muhammed Ali.

First and foremost, I want to thank PFL for helping set up the interview.

Bioggio thoughts on his upcoming fight vs. Tom Graesser:

“I have seen a couple of his fights; he fought my teammate a couple months back. He also fought like 4/6 years ago that I could find on YouTube.

I have been watching his film and taking notes… he likes to stand up and strike, which is cool. He has a weird, unorthodox stance. He is also a little bit taller than me; he likes to go, and I want someone that will want to go.

I am looking to put on a dominant performance. I am very athletic and very strong. I am looking to showcase to the world how fast and explosive I am.

I am a natural striker. I never really had any amateur boxing experience. I just jumped straight into MMA. This camp and last camp, though, have primarily been grappling.”

Biaggio Ali Walsh/Instagram @biaggioaliwalsh

Biaggio is still an amateur in his MMA career thus far. Biaggio announced it caught him by surprise when the PFL offer came:

“As an amateur I did not expect the PFL to come and want to sign me and help develop me. Yes, I was differently shocked that they wanted to give me an opportunity, but the fact they see potential in me means a lot.

Does Biaggio see a future in PFL and rising through the ranks?

“100%. Again, I am still an amateur; the only thing I am looking for is to get as much experience as possible. To be able to get the experience on stage like PFL in November is a blessing.

They are introducing me to it when I am still an amateur and still a baby in the sport. 4/5 years from now I will be used to it; everything is lining up how it should. I am super grateful”

Biaggio was born into a historic fighting family; his Grandad is one of the greatest boxers to ever grace the ring. Muhammed Ali.

“When I was a kid, I didn’t think much of it. I just looked at him as my grandfather. He was just my grandfather. I would go to his house for Thanksgiving every year.

It wasn’t until I got a little older until I realized what an impact he made on the world and what an Icon he is.

I have watched most of his fights. I have a favourite actually, his fight vs. Cleveland Williams. I felt like he was in his prime and he looked the fastest and just perfect in that fight.”

Watch Biaggio Ali Walsh fight on November 25th vs. Tom Graesser at PFL Championships 2022.

Thanks to the PFL and Biaggio for his time.

Watch the FULL detailed interview above.

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