Amana Nunes honored with Equality Visibility Award

Amanda Nunes planning for big future after UFC 250 win

Pack your bags and get riding to climb up the Amanda Nunes success trail.

Nunes (20-4) became the first woman in UFC history to successfully defend titles in multiple weight classes when she dominated Felicia Spencer last night in the main event of UFC. Following her unanimous decision win, Nunes said it’s going to continue to set records.

“Tonight is like it’s always going to be, because from here to the next, I’m going to grow,” Nunes said at the UFC 250 post-fight news conference. “I’m going to the roof. I’m going to the top of the mountain. I’m going to go to the moon.”

While Nunes has gone the distance before, this fight was special for her, because she wanted to prove how much her gas tank as improved.

“I want to do that. I want to go five rounds with the most tough girls,” Nunes said. “Tonight, I proved it. I know Felicia is the toughest girl in this division. I know she’s going to handle exactly what she did tonight. I just want to prove it. I can go to six rounds, not only five anymore. (I want to) laugh and enjoy being in there. Tonight was amazing – amazing.

“Everything that we work on (me and my coach), I was able to put in there. That was making me laugh. (It wasn’t) because I was hurting her. It’s because I was able to put together everything we trained. Every fighter wants to do that. I want to train and put it in there. A lot of people can’t, and it’s frustrating.”

Now after seeing another impressive performance by the GOAT women’s MMA, the world is going to have to wait before seeing her in the cage again. Not only is Nunes dealing with some nagging injuries, but Nunes and her wife Nina are expecting their first child. Nunes said most likely going to take the rest of the year off to recover and to start raising her family.

“(I need) a break for sure,” Nunes said. “I have to see what’s going on with my legs. I always get hurt with this leg. I don’t know what’s going on. My baby is coming. In three months she’s going to be here. I have to organize a lot of things – her room. I have to do a lot of things, and I really need a break right now.

“… (My life is) perfect, living this fun ride and the joy every single day. Be a good person. Life will give you back.”

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