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Amanda Nunes UFC 250

Amanda Nunes celebrates in UFC 250 victory over Felicia Spencer.

UFC 250 results: Amanda Nunes makes UFC history with lop-sided decision win over Felicia Spencer

On Saturday night, June 6, the UFC holds its first-ever pay-per-view event inside the Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The promotions’ fifth event during the COVID-19 pandemic, UFC 250 is headlined by double champion Amanda Nunes, who defends her featherweight strap against Felicia Spencer.

Nunes is coming off a successful bantamweight title defense, beating Germaine de Randamie by unanimous decision at UFC 245 in December 2019. This is Nunes’ first title defense at 145 pounds.

She won the title by beating Cris Cyborg by first-round TKO at UFC 232 in December 2018. 

Spencer re-entered the win column with a first-round TKO against Zarah Fairn at UFC on ESPN+ 27 on Feb. 29. Her only professional loss is a unanimous-decision defeat to Cyborg at UFC 240 in July 2019. 

Here is how the women’s featherweight title bout between Amanda Nunes and Felicia Spencer went down at UFC 250, including round-by-round scoring. For full results of the event, check them out right here.


Both women tap gloves and are off. Spencer on the outside, circling. Spencer comes in, Nunes waiting. Spencer trying to close the distance, Nunes clips her with right hand. Spencer shows some redness around her left eye. Nunes lands another right hand. Nunes is in the center, misses with a jab and cross. Spencer comes in, eats a right cross. Nunes lands another right cross. Spencer gets in on the leg, has Nunes against the cage. Nunes uses a wizard kick to get on top of Nunes. Nunes moves to side control and lands a knee to the body. Spencer trying to use the cage, Nunes attempts to use her knee to keep Spencer down. Nunes is in Spencer’s half guard. Nunes rains down elbows. Spencer is flat on her back. Nunes keeps picking at Spencer with elbows. Spencer’s face showing some damage. Nunes is in full guard and keeps using elbows. Nunes ends round on top. scores it 10-9 for Nunes


Nunes and Spencer tap gloves. Spencer misses with lead-left hook. Nunes counters. Nunes greets Spencer with a right hand. Spencer lands a jab and with a right hand. Nunes misses with a jab. Nunes lands clean with a right hand. Nunes finds another overhand right. Spencer on the outside, shoots for a takedown. Nunes defends and counters. Nunes is on top of Spencer. Nunes in side control, Spencer scrambles. Nunes ends up on top, on feet. Spencer on the ground, but stands up. Nunes is picking Spencer apart. Nunes lands an outside leg kick. Nunes lands a left jab as Spencer tries to close the distance. Nunes throws spinning elbow. Spencer throws a head kick, Nunes able to get hand up. The round ends with both women in the center. scores it 20-18 for Nunes


Both women are in the center. Nunes stays center with Spencer on the outside. Nunes lands jab and cross. Nunes continues to land, picking up the pace. Spencer goes for a takedown, Nunes quickly shakes it off. Nunes keeps coming forward and knocks Spencer’s mouth piece out. Nunes lands inside leg kick. Spencer is bleeding from her scalp. Referee Herb Dean breaks it up and they continue shortly after. Nunes is getting the better of the strikes. Nunes lands a leg kick. Nunes lands another left hand, followed by a head kick. Nunes misses leg kick. Nunes lands a right upper cut. Nunes lands a kick up the middle. Nunes picking at Spencer’s lead leg. Nunes lands another jab. Nunes ends round with a spinning back fist. scores it 30-27 for Nunes


Nunes lands a jab right away. Nunes continues to attack the legs. Nunes lands a right hand and backs Spencer to the cage. Spencer’s left leg showing damage. Nunes is finding a home with a left jab. Spencer misses with a spinning back kick. Nunes lands with a lead elbow. Nunes connects with a right cross again. Spencer is getting outworked. Nunes lands spinning back kick to the body, sends Spencer against the cage. Nunes has Spencer on the outside. Nunes scores a takedown. Nunes on her feet while Spencer is on the ground. Spencer gets to her feet. Nunes lands a jab, Spencer chases. Nunes lands an outside leg kick. Spencer changes her stance. Spencer changes stance again. Nunes landing cleanly with her hands. Spencer trying to stay in it. Nunes has Spencer on the run. Spencer is down, Nunes attacks the chin. Spencer hangs on. Spencer has a hematoma on her left forehead. Spencer’s face tells the story. scores it 40-35 for Nunes


Nunes is quick to come out. Nunes is on Spencer again. Spencer comes forward and Nunes counters. Nunes is walking down Spencer on the edge of the octagon. Spencer shoots and Nunes sprawls, spins to the back. Nunes is in Spencer’s half guard. Spencer looking for a kimura. Spencer lands some elbows to the body from bottom. Nunes lands an elbow. Spencer is bleeding badly. Nunes connects on short elbows. Nunes is still in Spencer’s full guard. Nunes gets out and stands. Spencer still on the ground. Spencer gets to her feet. Referee Herb Dean calls for a break and asks for a doctor. The doctor lets her continue to fight. The two tap gloves and are back on. Nunes continues to come forward. Nunes lands and scores a takedown. Nunes ends round on top. scores it 50-44 for Nunes

Official result: Amanda Nunes def. Felicia Spencer via unanimous decision (50-44, 50-44, 50-45 3x)

* Amanda Nunes is first UFC fighter to win and defend titles in two divisions

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