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Amanda Sarmiento SUB-OUT Domestic Violence Super Fight Interview

Interview with Amanda Sarmiento above

Amanda Sarmiento of Webb Fitness & MMA is scheduled to battle Mikaela Marusco in a white belt super fight at SUB-OUT Domestic Violence on May 23, 2021. This all-female event was organized to help fundraise money to battle domestic violence. The event is taking place at Vault BJJ in Morton, Pennsylvania.

Sarmiento joined Carroll’s Corner MMA Podcast to discuss her upcoming super fight. As a current white belt, Sarmiento spoke about training and why she decided to compete in a super-fight.

The Webb Fitness & MMA white belt explains the importance for women to train and learn how to protect themselves. A person with training will help reduce the opportunities for attackers.

This super-fight will compete at 125-pound weight class in the white belt division with no-gi. Sarmiento explains the gi verse no-gi.

Sarmiento will be the only competitor from her gym competing at this event. It will also be her first super-fight.

Find out what the white belt can’t get past!!

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SUB-OUT Domestic Violence takes place May 23, 2021. The event will take place at Vault BJJ in Morton, PA. The donation deadline for the event has passed, but you can still donate directly to the cause by visiting www.DAPDC.org (Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County).

The event will be streaming live on YouTube starting at 11 AM.


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