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Dana White says he ‘had a great conversation’ with Nick Diaz about a potential return

Dana White did indeed talk to Nick Diaz after UFC 261 and he said the conversation was a good one.

Diaz has hinted at a return to fighting for years, but this time around, many believe he is serious. According to White, he says the conversation was great, but he’s uncertain if the Stockton native will indeed return.

“It went good. My whole thing with Nick Diaz is I just question how bad he really wants to fight,” White said to ESPN. “We got together, we had a great conversation, talked about a possible comeback for him, I just don’t know. We’ll see how it plays out this summer and the rest of this year.”

According to Dana White, the reason why he isn’t sold on a potential Nick Diaz return is due to the fact he is worried about the layoff and doesn’t truly believe he is eager to return. The UFC president says he talks to young, hungry fighters daily and doesn’t get that same sense from Diaz.

“It’s just the amount of time that he’s taken off already,” White added. “When you hear him talk about fighting, when you hear him talk about the sport – and I sit down daily or talk to daily hungry, young savages that want to break into the top-10, become world champions, all that stuff – Nick Diaz has done it all, seen it all. He’s been in big fights. I just don’t see that in him when I talk to him.”

Nick Diaz is now 37-years-old and has not fought since UFC 183 where he lost a decision to Anderson Silva. However, the fight was overturned to a no contest after both men tested positive. Prior to that, he lost a decision to Georges St-Pierre for the welterweight title and dropped a decision to Carlos Condit for the interim welterweight title.

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