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Anthony Hernandez isn’t letting the COVID-19 situation affect his training camp

Anthony Hernandez speaks with MyMMANews

Anthony Hernandez heads into UFC Jacksonville set to fight Kevin Holland. As it turns out, Hernandez isn’t too familiar with his opponent claiming “I didn’t know who the f*ck he was.”

Despite the lack of familiarity with his opponent, Hernandez is still taking his training camp as seriously as ever. He’s even made sure that the ongoing lockdown in California doesn’t change his life too much.

In fact, Hernandez can be seen sporting a fresh haircut in the interview. Something he says is thanks to his Barber also being one of his sponsors.

Overall it’s safe to say Hernandez’s camp isn’t too different from how it usually is. That could play a big advantage come fight time.

In this interview Hernandez also talks about the fight against Holland, working on his farm, and much more.

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