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With UFC London postponement, Kevin Holland issues friendly challenge to Jack Marshman

Kevin Holland was 48 hours or so away from getting on a plane to London, England for fight week in preparation to face Jack Marshman this coming Saturday. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic postponing or cancelling countless sporting events around the world, UFC London — along with UFC Columbus and UFC Portland — joined the long list.

The UFC did everything in their power to keep Saturday night’s event afloat, including attempting to move the event from London to the US. In fact, the card was reportedly close to landing on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma City. Following President Donald Trump’s address to the nation earlier this week, UFC president Dana White had to officially wave the white flag.

“Obviously, the President just spoke to the country and basically said — it started at [no more than] 50 people in a room, which made [Saturday’s UFC Fight Night in Brasilia] difficult, but we complied, we took all fans out and made sure as few production people in the room as possible, we pulled it off last Saturday,” White said on SportsCenter (h/t ESPN). “Now, they’re saying there should be no more than 10 people, and that’s impossible. We can’t do it. We’ve complied with everything the government and doctors have said to do, we have no choice but to postpone these fights.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Holland spoke to about the UFC London postponement, when he found out the event would no longer be in London due to the Covid-19 pandemic, how the UFC Brasilia event gave him hope the fight may still happen, the event almost landing in Oklahoma City, if any other opponents were discussed, why he won’t be upset if he isn’t compensated, a potential move to 170 in the future and more.

In addition, now that the fight is off, Holland issued a friendly challenge to Marshman for this Saturday.

“Hey, tell Marshman, he plays video games, I play video games, we can settle it out,” Holland told “He can choose his character on UFC [3], I can choose my character on UFC [3] and we can still fight on Saturday. We can stream it for the fans.

“That’s why they need to put all the UFC fighters in the video game. We can still have our fight this weekend. Put me in the game, baby. EA Sports!”

Check out the full interview with Kevin Holland as he reacts to his scheduled fight with Jack Marshman no longer happening at the now-postponed UFC London event in the video above.

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