Anthony Pettis

Anthony Pettis talks fighter management company at PFL 6 Media Day

PFL 6 takes place on Friday, June 25th, and broadcasts on ESPN+ and ESPN 2. The latest Professional Fighters League card emanates from Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I spoke with Anthony Pettis at PFL 6 Media Day ahead of his lightweight co-feature bout versus Raush Manfio.

So many different facets you’ve been involved with in the MMA space, it seems like also getting into some management stuff has been some recent efforts on your part. Showtime Group and everything like that.

Can you talk about sort of that aspect of what you’re doing and expanding into that part of the MMA space?

Anthony Pettis

“Yeah, you know, I started Showtime Group a while back, we’re just actually putting it in the public now. We did our first combine, we had about like 50 guys signed on me. From amateur to professionals to high-level pros, you know. The reason why it happened is my little brother and the guys at my gym. I see these talented athletes coming up through my gym. I’m training with them. We’re bleeding, sweating, you know, trying together. And then I pass them on to different managers that I was part of, and I’ve had so many managers.”

“But I pass them on to these managers and I’d see what they’re getting from the managers as far as like support and you know I think I can do it better. Especially if they’re homegrown guys. So that’s where the Showtime Group started at. Then once we started, we saw that flow…I have my Showtime Fights shows coming up in October. I got another boxing show in December. Just making it full circle again.”

“Giving the guys an opportunity like I had. I came up fighting in a Harley Davidson dealership in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That was my first fight, in a Harley Davidson dealership. And, you know, look where I took it to. So I think me going back and going back to Milwaukee first and putting it in there, giving these guys the opportunities building my team-up. I’m gonna be around MMA for the rest of my life. This is what I love to do. This is my passion and it’s another avenue for me to be part of the sport.”

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