Cindy Dandois discusses being a fighter in life at PFL 6 Media Day

PFL 6 takes place on Friday, June 25th, and broadcasts on ESPN+ and ESPN 2. The latest Professional Fighters League card emanates from Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. I spoke with Cindy Dandois at the PFL 6 Media Day ahead of her main event lightweight clash with Kayla Harrison.

Cindy Dandois

In between your last couple of fights, there was close to a year and a half long gap.

I’m kind of curious, was there any level of cage rust that you felt and as an extension of that do you think that things are gonna be a little more casual and fluid when you get out there with this quick turn around here?

“I don’t think the cage rust was a problem. I just came out of pregnancy. So I had to work very hard to get back in shape, that’s for sure. I did my job. I did what I had to do. Followed my game plan. I don’t think the cage rust was a big problem. I felt fit, I felt good in the fight. But when you leave it in into the hands of the judges, you never know what they’re gonna decide. So, yeah, the decision loss, it is what it is you know. I take it. Never cried about losses. I take them as the strong, strong woman I am. And I just continue learning and moving forward, you know.”

“The thing is, when you have a year like I had. And you’ve been crying so much about things that really matter, that are really important. The moment you walk into the cage, you take that with you, you know. So I feel I’m not gonna cry about a judge’s decision. Like, it’s not something I lose, it’s something I win. Because other people decide what they think what was going on in the fight. But I know what I felt and I was pushing my limits. I was doing what I love to do, I’m here because I still love fighting I have that passion in me.”

“I’ve been losing my mom, my grandmother. Things in my family going on that are things where I want to cry about. I don’t want to cry about a decision loss. I felt heartbroken after the fight, but more because I felt I put all my effort in it. It’s not because the results weren’t there. Because the judges decided something else. They didn’t see what I felt and didn’t feel what I feel. But after the fight, it’s like all the emotions about losing my mom and still being there. That is something where I want to cry about.”


You’ve been able to overcome so much and I think that’s amazing.

I’m just wondering if that’s really grown the already strong mental game that much further in your fight career?

“I’m a fighter in life. Not only an MMA fighter, I’m a fighter in life. I fight for what I’m passionate about. Fight for my kids every day. I fight for the people I love. So fighting for MMA because I’m passionate about the sport. It’s a blessing. You know, it’s a blessing that I can follow my dreams and that I can still be here and perform at the highest level. Even with downs in my life. It’s something that pulls me up, It’s something that makes me happy still.”

Cindy Dandois stated, “Although I do miss my children now, that was hard. I would have loved to have them with me, but my sport makes me happy. The PFL makes me happy and I’m very, very blessed that Ray’s (Sefo) gave me this opportunity. I really really hope that I can show enough. What kind of a fighter I am. What heart I have for the sport. That I can stay in PFL a little longer. Because after PFL, I don’t think I have it in me anymore.”

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