AOW 26 Federico Vento

Federico Vento connects with a right to Ben Moser in the AOW 26 main event - Photo by William McKee

Vento finishes, Kennedy & Charles win belts – AOW 26 results

I was cageside lover the weekend calling Art of War Cage Fighting’s live streaming action of AOW 26 alongside “the Big Homie” Justin Haskell.  Team Bickings, which includes matchmaker Jillian Peterson, hosted an action-packed card at the Expo Center which featured two title fights and local favorite, “B Mo” Ben Moser.

The full results are below.

Joseph Gailan vs Maalik Ganz 125 lbs

Gailan, who is a former stand-out wrestler, made his MMA debut and took home a very close fight with a split decision   29-28 27-30 29-28.  Ganz, out of Martinez BJJ, is just 18 years old and also making his debut.  This was a non-stop battle with beautiful striking and grappling transitions from both young men.  For a debut fight, you can’t find a more high-level match-up.  I rate both of them as bright prospects and look forward to seeing each of them again.  This won the Antrim Electric Fight of the Night.

Alex Komatick vs Dylan Beever 145 lbs

Komatick making his debut and won this fight 30-27 on all cards. Beever still fought well, but Komatick was able to control the position of the fight for a majority of the time.  You could tell that Beever has been working on his striking which was the best I’ve seen in his 3 fights.  Several nice combinations led to Komatick defending with successful takedowns, where he then scored cage control and some body shots.

John Allwein vs Yajaziel Reyes 170 lbs

Reyes finished this fight vis the rear naked choke at 1:56 of round 2.  Allwein couldn’t hang on as the round wound down.  I don’t think he heard the 10 second warning as he was in deep trouble already trying to fight with Reyes on his back.

Brad Eisenhauer vs Kenny Jaccinor 175 lbs

Eisenhauer caught Jaccinor in a very nice triangle choke at :54 of round 2 to gain his first career win (1-1). Jaccinor had some strong moments in the fight but getting involved with Eisenhauer was probably a mistake.  Eisenhauer had a sweet leg pick in round one and a knee bar attempt as the Moser’s Mat Club representative had a nice group of fans on hand to help him celebrate.

Tyree Thomas Vs Dalton Jones 160 lbs

Jones wasted little time in this one as he wrapped up our second consecutive triangle submission of the night at 1:17 of the first round.

Dominic Parker vs Abraham Charles…AOW Lightweight Championship 155 lbs

This was a super close fight that saw Charles win via split decision 29-28 28-29 29-28.  Parker and Charles fought very technically looking to counter for most of the fight, I thought.  Both of these fighters will be professionals in the near future.  I’m just glad I’m not a judge, because it’s a shame either guy had to lose as it was a back and forth 9 minutes.

“Wild” Mike Kennedy (champ) vs Mike Grybos…AOW Heavyweight Championship

Kennedy, a very talented southpaw, came out blazing hot and landing those jabs and right hooks over the top immediately.  He won the American Strikers Knockout of the Night with a vicious stoppage after he followed up a right hook with an overhand left as Grybos was out on his feet in 34 seconds.

“Ferocious” Federico Vento vs “B Mo” Ben Moser …Main Event 135 lbs PRO

In our sole pro fight of the night, Vento comes into enemy territory as the Hawaiian takes on the local favorite “B Mo” Ben Moser.  Moser was dominant in round one after fighting off a takedown which seemed to surprise him.  Once Moser gained top position, he landed a few nasty elbows that cut open the brow of Federico.  The fight went back to the feet, where Moser has a huge reach and height advantage and landed several teep kicks as the round ends.

In round 2, you could sense the urgency of Vento as he bullrushed Moser and landed a big right to the jaw that was the beginning of the end.  Vento again lands a big fight and as Moser goes down Vento is right on top of him, and the referee has to stop the fight at :34 of round 2.


Complete AOW 26 photo gallery on the promotion’s Facebook page by Art of War Cage Fighting photographer William McKee below:

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