Jillian Peterson goes from matching fights, to being in one herself at Stellar Fights 51

Video interview with Jillian Peterson above

Jillian Peterson‘s work ethic and contributions to the regional MMA community here in Pennsylvania can never be questioned.  Peterson has been training jiu-jitsu for over 9 years as it has become her lifestyle that she enjoys.  Jillian teaches some classes at her second home, MPR Endurance MMA in Langhorne, PA and has traveled to some amazing places all over the world to learn more about her craft.  When she’s not training, she’s usually busy as the matchmaker at Art of War Cage Fighting, where we are teammates.  Jillian has been filling the seats and making exciting fights for a while now as she has dug her heels in and is kicking ass in a spot where many women don’t get the respect that they deserve.  Peterson is earning that respect and she is not finished yet.

Jillian is going from the frying pan into the fire as she goes from setting up fights, to being in one herself.  The 39-year-old will make her first walk to the cage with the gloves on at Stellar Fights 51 on August 27th in Harrington, DE.  It’s fight week and I reached out to Peterson to see how her fight with Kat Messerly came about.  She tells us…

“I knew Kat from going to 10th Planet where they have an awesome group of women.  I actually tried to get her a fight for Art of War, but it fell through.  Then when I decided that I really wanted to get in there and get a fight myself, I called Kat and was like ‘how would you like to get in a cage and punch me in the face?’  I basically called Brad Dalton (Stellar Fights President) and told him I have this fight; can we use your cage? And here we are.”

Please check out our interview on the link above.  Jillian is an important figure on the Pennsylvania MMA scene, and excellent role model for young women.  After the fight, she will get back to work finalizing the AOW 26 card that will be in Lebanon, PA on October 29th.

Stay right here for full results from our MyMMANews colleague Adam Crist as he will be on the mic at Stellar Fights 51.

Jillian Peterson

Jillian Peterson



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