Art of War 8 Results

Art of War 8 Results – Joe Pyfer vs Lorenzo Hunt from 2300 Arena

Art of War Cage Fighting promoter Mike Bickings brings Art of War 8 to the 2300 Arena tonight in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Headlining the event is a battle between two monsters who absolutely do not like one another in Joe “Bodybagz” Pyfer and Lorenzo Hunt.  Bill Bookwalter and David Osaghae split referee duties for the evening.

Fast Start

The first fight of the night was an amateur welterweight bout between Marcus Hardiman and Luis Angueira.  Hardiman had a sweet choice of walkout music as he came out to Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline”.  Hardiman earned a takedown early in the evening, but the fight was temporarily halted as Angueira began to strike to the head which is not allowed for downed opponents in the amateur bouts.  Once the fight starts again, Hardiman locks Angueira up against the cage, lifts him up straight and slams him.  The fight returns to the feet and Hardiman earns yet another takedown and then forces the tap with a keylock submission.

Heavy Hands

The big boys were up next and they did not disappoint.  Right out the gate Patrick Brady and Mark Khavinson were swinging in their heavyweight bout.  Brady landing the uppercuts before Khavinson lifts Brady up off his feet and slams him.  They get to their feet and Brady starts to tee off on Khavinson’s dome before the round ends.  Round two begins and Brady is stalking Khavinson, picking his shots.  Brady’s mouthpiece nearly hanging out, he seems a little more tired, and that is when Khavinson gets him down to the canvas.  The third and final frame begins.  Brady attempts an uppercut, but Khavinson cuts him off.  Brady lands a shot, and Khavinson’s mouthpiece comes out.  Referee David Osaghae picks it up and places it back in the fighter’s mouth as Khavinson has Brady pressed up against the cage.  With the mouthpiece back in, Khavinson lifts Brady up again and slams him back down. Khavinson lands ground and pound to the body as the round and fight comes to a close. Khavinson wins a unanimous decision as a result of all those takedowns.

Shields Superior

Duane Shields of Martinez BJJ here in Philadelphia met Bilal Khan of Alliance Jiu Jitsu of Brooklyn, New York in the night’s third fight.  A dominant first round for Shields as forces the dominant top position but not much action is conducted in the round.  Coach Will Martinez yelling for Shields to strike, but no strikes are thrown until Shields throws a knee to the body in the final 10 seconds.  Khan comes out cocky in the second round.  Lands a kick and then leans his face in towards Shields as to say “hit me.”  Shields lands a right hand, Khan gets a takedown but Shields lands in guard.  Referee David Osaghae forces the fighters back up to the feet.  Shields snaps a kick that echoes throughout 2300 Arena.  Shields gets a takedown after pressing Khan up against the cage.  Round three begins and they touch gloves.  Khan goes in for a takedown but Shields stuff it and gets a single leg of his own.  Martinez yelling for punches again.  Shields lets go and finishes the round strong.  “Crispy” wins unanimously.

“The Postman” Delivers

Sammy Buckley earned the biggest pop of the night thus far from the crowd as the Marine made his way to the cage.  This should be a fast, entertaining bantamweight bout between “The Bull” and Akua “The Postman” Perkins.  Akua gets an early takedown as Buckley misses with a punch.  The fighters scramble and Akua is working for a leg submission.  Buckley attacks the body in defense.  Akua goes for a heel hook and referee Bill Bookwalter tells the fighter he can not use the hold.  Akua loses position and Buckley ends the round on top. Round two begins and an early shot to the groin of Buckley temporarily halts the action.  The resume and Akua lands a shot and gets a takedown.  Another scramble and Buckley breaks free.  Buckley attempts and armbar but misses.  Akua places Buckley back down.  We go to the third and final round.  Buckley comes out with a glove touch turned into a wheel kick that does not land.  Buckley works for back control once on the ground.  He transitions to full mount and he tries the armbar once again with the same result, falling backwards.  Buckley tries for the armbar a third time, this time he gets it fully extended but Akua works out of it and survives.  Akua finishes the fight on top and wins unanimously on the scorecards.

Suplex City

In the final fight before intermission, Tony Hayward met Anthony Caschera in a 130-pound catchweight fight.  What a fast paced fight.  Caschera drops Hayward with a big right and follows up with a standing guillotine.  Hayward picks Caschera up over his head and flips him.  The two-minute round comes to a close before you know it and Hayward walks to the corner shrugging his shoulders in dance.  Caschera comes out with a superman attempt in round two and Hayward clips him; Caschera falls fast first.  Someone Caschera is not knocked out, the fight continues.  Hayward working for a choke.  The fight will go to a third round.  Caschera lands kicks and Hayward signals for him to come forward.  Hayward gets a slam but Caschera locks in a guillotine.  They roll and he tries to transition to a D’arce choke.  Caschera then goes to the back.  Caschera landing a lot of strikes to the body but Hayward not doing anything.  Caschera ends the fight with a suplex. Caschera wins two rounds of three on all judges’ scorecards.


Mikeal Kennedy and Jordan Grenyon-Smith kicked off the second half in a middleweight bout.  Grenyon-Smith tries to toss Kennedy but the momentum switches and Kennedy falls on top.  They get to their feet and Kennedy lifts him up over his head and slams him.  Kennedy pummels the body of his opponent with heavy elbows before the round concludes.  Kennedy knocks Grenyon-Smith down with a big left.  He tries to work back to his feet but Kennedy is ruthless and continues the assault.  One more big shot and TIMBER!!!!, Grenyon-Smith goes down.

Turnbull Has Hands

Martinez BJJ prospect Matt “White Chocolate” Turnbull and Steven Parsons kicked off the night’s pro fights.  Turnbull, a jiu jitsu student looked sharp and crisp on the feet.  Not much else to say here except…. Turnbull has hands.  Finishes the fight in the first round.  Relentless striking.  Doesn’t let Parsons breathe.  Turnbull by way of technical knockout just over three minutes into the fight.

No love from the crowd for Mark Krumrine as he walks to the cage against hometown favorite Andre Petroski.  Petroski is making his pro debut tonight at the 2300 Arena.  Petroski is landing shots early, Krumrine’s left eye starting to look red.  All of a sudden Krumrine drops Petroski with a big shot.  Krumrine tries to lock up a choke but it does not work.  They get back to their feet.  Petroski throws a kick and Krumrine catches it and tries a trip.  Petroski comes back, the fight goes to the ground and Petroski unloads shots to Krumrine who is in a turtle position.  Krumrine not remaining inactive, tries to stand but Petroski keeps throwing shots.  Petroski takes his back but then pins Krumrine flat and reigns down shots from above.  Referee David Osaghae steps in to call an end to the fight in the first round.

What a pop for main eventer Joe “BodyBagz” Pyfer.  This kid is a star here in Philadelphia.  It’s a battle of strength as Pyfer and Lorenzo Hunt battle for position.   Balance Studios teammate Bassil Hafez shouts for Pyfer to do an outside trip, which he does, and Pyfer gets Hunt to the canvas where he locks up a rear-naked choke.  Pyfer crosses the body with a triangle, not letting Hunt go anywhere.  Pyfer beings to throw strikes to the head from back.  Hunt postures up and ‘BodyBagz’ locks in the choke again and finishes the fight.  Pyfer moves to 3-0 with the win.

Complete Art of War 8 results below:

Marcus Hardiman defeated Luis Angueira via submission (keylock) – Round 1, 1:33

Mark Khavinson defeated Patrick Brady via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Duane “Crispy” Shields defeated Bilal Khan via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Akua “The Postman” Perkins defeated Sammy “The Bull” Buckley via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Anthony Caschera defeated Tony Hayward via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

Mikeal Kennedy defeated Jordan Grenyon-Smith via TKO – Round 2, 0:30

Matt ” White Chocolate” Turnbull defeated Steven Parsons via TKO – Round 1, 3:06

Co-Main event

Andre Petroski defeated Mark “The American Zombie” Krumrine via TKO – Round 1, 4:40

Main Event

Joe ” Bodybagz” Pyfer defeated Lorenzo Hunt via technical submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 3:47



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