Art of War Cage Fighting 11 results - Pyfer vs. Roncoroni

Art of War Cage Fighting 11 results – Pyfer vs. Roncoroni

For the second night in a row, Art of War Cage Fighting returns to the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with yet another sell-out night.  Art of War 11 is headlined by a middleweight title bout between Joseph ‘BodyBagz’ Pyfer and Eric “The Viking” Roncoroni.

The AOW11 card comes just 24 hours after last night’s AOW10 card which featured eight fights on the night.

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The opening amateur bout of the evening was a welterweight bout between Sean Atkinson and Marcus Haridman.  Not even seconds into the fight, an accidental low blow to Hardiman temporarily halts the fight.  Once resumed, Hardiman immediately gets a takedown where he works ground and pound to the body for the remainder of the round.  Hardiman immediately gets a takedown to start the second frame and begins to work for a choke.  After about a minute of fighting off a choke, Atkinson is able to stand but Hardiman takes him right back down and the round ends.  Atkinson’s hands come to life in the opening seconds of the final round.  Hardiman does not like what is happening and takes Atkinson back down again.  Hardiman continues to ground and pound and should win this fight with ease on the scorecards.

A 140-pound catchweight fight between “The Postman” Akua Perkins and Chris Kwiatkowski was next on deck.  After a quick touch of gloves and a brief exchange of jabs, Perkins shoots in and takes Kwiatkowski down.  From there, Perkins is able to work to full mount where he works the body with strikes.  At the start of round two Perkins is able to get not one, but two takedowns without ever letting go of Kwiatkowski.  Kwiatkowski is finally able to break free and works to a dominant position, throwing a few shots to the body himself before the round comes to a close.  Kwiatkowski’s hands really come to life here in the third frame.  He stumbles and rocks Perkins multiple time.  Perkins is forced to keep trying to shoot in but Kwiatkowski stays on him.  He drops him once and attacks the body but then walks away so he is forced to get up.  Perkins shoots in again, Kwiatkowski stuff it, and works the body. The round and the fight come to a close.  Kwiatkowski wins a unanimous decision.

The third bout of the evening, a strawweight bout between Nell Diebel of Allentown, New Jersey and Philadelphia native “Bang Bang” Sandra Chheng.  Chheng immediately knocks Diebel down with a shot and as her opponent tries to get back up, bulrushes her back down and forces a tap by way of rear-naked choke just seconds later.  Very short-lived fight.  Great work.

“The Micro Machine” Nick Uva looks to move to 4-0 in his 140-pound amateur bout with Steven Calero.  Immediately Calero pressures Uva up against the cage and throws the knees.  Uva reverses and works in an uppercut before dragging Calero down to the canvas.  They immediately pop back up but Uva drags him back down.  Uva locks in a guillotine choke and Calero slams him down, breaking the hold.  Round two starts and fists are flying.  Calero working for a takedown.  Both competitors fighting off the ground, likely a little more dominant round this time around for Calero.  Fighting in a phone booth here in the third round but the referee calls for a break as no significant action taking place.  With just seconds left they take the fight to the other side of the cage.  Uva has a cut on his right eyelid which is now swollen shut.  He would go on to lose a unanimous decision.

Ryan Carroll and Javier Guzman go to war next in a fight at 155-pounds.  The two fighters were throwing everything they had before the fight hit the ground and Guzman locks up a submission, putting Carroll out cold in the very first round.

Mikeal Kennedy throws a jab to Mark Khavinson, backing him up and eventually getting the fight to the floor where he takes his back and starts his assault.  Khavinson surves, takes Kennedy down and gets full mount with 10-seconds left in the opening round.  Round two starts with a big uppercut from Khavinson.  He gets the takedown.  They stand and each connects with a left.  Little bit of blood flowing from the nose of Khavinson who shoots from across the cage and gets a takedown to end the second round.  Several takedowns in the third and final round, Khavinson eating a few shows on the way.  This one also goes to the judges.  Very difficult fight to score.  Kennedy wins a close split decision.

Say It Ain’t So

An announcement came stating that Andre Petroski and Donelei Bendetto will not fight in the co-main event due to a wrist injury to a wrist injury.  Very unfortunate incident.  Promoter Mike Bickings got in the cage and said his official statement is “This Sucks.”

And New

Cody Russell and Keith Espinosa locked horns for the vacant amateur lightweight title.  Knees in the clinch were the tail of this first round.  Then Russell’s hands find a home and he tees off on Espinosa who crumbles in the very first round. The crowd jumps to their feet for the new champion Cody Russell.

Rashaun Jackson weighed in at the 265-pound limit for his heavyweight bout with Alan Wright who gives up 25-pounds in the contest.  Jackson connects right away with a big right hand, picks Wright up and slams him to the canvas before he begins his ground and pound.  Wright works his way to the feet.  Jackson drags him down again and lands a nice forearm to the face.  Wright is split open and leaking all over the cage.  Jackson continues to pummel away on the face of Wright who turtles up and the referee is forced to call a stop to the action.  Wright may need several stitches to fix this cut.

Eddie Alvarez

Former UFC lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez is in the house at the 2300 Arena and gets a kick out of the next fight as “The Panamaniac” Eddie Alvarez walks to the cage to take on Joshua Aarons.  These two are lightning fast.  Great back and forth action between the two.  Alvarez lands a head kick flush to the side of the face of Aarons.  The two work into a neutral position and referee Bill Bookwalter breaks them apart.  Aarons connects with a right hand that briefly stuns Alvarez at the end of the first round.  Aarons catches the foot of Alvarez to start the second round, tripping him down to the canvas.  When they work to the feet, an accidental low blow to Aarons temporarily stops the fight.   Once resumed Alvarez works to the back of Aarons and submits him with a rear-naked choke.  Good win for the Panamaniac.

KO for Kaheem

Kaheem Murray and Mike Diggs come out swinging.  Murray connects, backs Diggs up.  Diggs hooks to the body, Murray comes forward with all sorts of pressure in return.  They move to the center of the cage, Murray drops Diggs with a big right but he briefly recovers, moves to his feet, and Murray drops him again.  Murray working from top side position, throws shots, stands, and reigns down a big punch before following up with vicious ground and pound which stops the fight.


The crowd chanting “Body Bagz” and on their feet as they await the walk of Joe Pyfer for the night’s main event.  Roncoroni enters to a sea of boos from the audience.   Roncoroni cuts Pyfer early in the fight.  Pyfer looking to take the fight to the ground.  He completes the takedown.  Roncoroni squeezing tight around the neck of Pyfer.   Roncroni using a lot of energy.  Pyfer works out of it and starts to throw.  Roncorni trying to work to his feet.  He turns to his back.   Roncoroni continues to evade the attack.  Pyfer looking for a choke.  Roncoroni defending well until just seconds in the round, Pyfer transitions to a rear-naked and submits Roncoroni.  Pyfer is your new middleweight champion.

Complete Are of War Cage Fighting 11 results below:

Joseph Pyfer defeated Eric Roncoroni via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 4:53 for middleweight championship
Andre Petroski vs. Donelei Bendetto – FIGHT CANCELLED DUE TO INJURY
Kaheem Murray defeated Mike Diggs via TKO – Round 1, 3:20
Eddie Alvarez defeated Joshua Aarons via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 2, 2:07
Rashaun Jackson defeated Alan Wright via TKO – Round 1, 2:41
Cody Russell defeated Keith Espinosa via KO – Round 1, 2:20 – for amateur lightweight championship
Mikeal Kennedy defeated Mark Khavinson via split decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Javier Guzman defeated Ryan Carroll via submission (triangle choke) – Round 1, 1:23
Steven Calero defeated Nick Uva via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)
Sandra Chheng defeated Nell Diebel via submission (rear-naked choke) – Round 1, 0:54
Chris Kwiatkowski defeated Akua Perkins via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 28-28)
Marcus Hardiman defeated Sean Atkinson via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)