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Ashley Molina talks upcoming amateur fight and future plans

Ashley Molina may only be an amateur mixed martial artist at moment, but she’s highly thought amongst her peers.

Recently, MyMMANews ran a contest on social media where people were asked to nominate an amateur fighter who they believe will be in the UFC one day, and Molina was one of two winners to be selected. After the other winner decided to go pro, Molina is now the sole winner of the contest.

As a result, MyMMANews is a sponsor of Molina ahead of her upcoming fight against Aysia Cortez at Combat Night Broward on Sept.3. The fight will mark Molina’s seventh of her amateur career.

Molina believes one day she will be the best fighter in the world, but she’s in no rush to jump ahead of herself.

Right now, the Miami native is just focused on improving herself as a well-rounded fighter and using the amateur ranks as learning experience in the sport before going pro.

As far as a pro status is concerned, she can turn pro in the state of Florida if she would like too and the wheels are in motion to do so, but for the time being, Molina will stay active as amateur and next year consider the move to the pro ranks.

Prior to her upcoming fight, Molina spoke with MyMMANews about her matchup with Cortez, life as an amateur fighter, future plans and staying active.

You can watch her full interview in the video above.

Ashley Molina, MyMMANews

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