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ATT Atlanta Prospect Jahmar Whitehead Talks Pro-MMA Debut May 8

Interview with Jahmar Whitehead above – Check it out

Jahmar Whitehead (7-1-1 AM) discusses his professional MMA debut on May 8th against Joshua Dillon (1-0) at NFC 132.  Jahmar also talks about training at ATT Atlanta, why now is the right time to make his leap to pro and his short-term goals for 2021.

“I think we’re going to go 3-0, 4-0, fairly easily. After we dispose of Joshua Dillion, we’re probably going to fight a month or two after that. We’re going to make statements this year. Me and my manager he is very good with this stuff. He’s very good at knowing what fight to take at what time. We’re not ducking anybody, but we’re going to fight who we want on our time. Plus this is the ‘rockstar’ show, so you have to earn your keep. The only reason I’m giving Joshua Dillion the blessing is because he offered to fly himself out. I got to give him a little bit.” 

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