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Austin Hubbard: “This is really the fight that will put me on the map”

Ahead of this Friday’s LFA 56, headliner Austin Hubbard talks about facing Killys Mota for the vacant LFA lightweight title. We also touch on what Austin has been working on with the Elevation Fight Team since LFA 39, where he has the advantages at in this match up, what are the keys for getting the victory, and what winning the title would mean.

What was your reaction to finding out about this fight ?

“Man I’m so excited, It’s the perfect opportunity to really showcase what I’ve been working so hard for. Hopefully make that step to the UFC with a win over Killys Mota.”

What did you take away from you me last win at LFA 39?

“That fight I came out feeling great in the first round. I caught a punch I didn’t really see coming. It really wobbled me that first round and looking back at some of the tape, I didn’t even remember most of the first round, after watching it. You know, to battle back to win the second and third rounds and the fight really showed me that I am where I belong to be. And that I can dig deep an fight though adversity.”

Did you think a title shot would be next for you?

“No honestly, I had no idea. I was trying to get fights back with LFA and for whatever happen or reason nothing was coming through either I think the opponent no one would take it or whatever the case was that I wasn’t getting any fights and that’s why my last fight was in May then they finally called me and said hey we got you a fight. My coaches had called me said they got me a fight I was like super excited like yeah it’s for LFA’s title, what really. I thought they were messing with me at first. I had no idea would get a title shot, because I only fought for the promotion once, which is really cool . I beat a top right guy. So I believe I did earn it. It was a pleasant surprise.”

How long did it take to set in that you will be fighting for the LFA Title?

“I feel like this hole camp, I found out two months ago, and this whole camp, like the only thing I think about every night and I’m like I can’t believe I got this opportunity. I’m really excited to go capitalize on it, because nine times out of 10 the people that capture the LFA titles go almost directly to the UFC. I’m super excited, obviously I’m not overlooking my opponent. I’m excited for another hard test such as Killys Mota. And I’m ready to prove who I am.”

What’s your biggest advantage in the match-up?

“He’s obviously a really tough opponent is well rounded I think my biggest advantage in this fight is definitely going to be my cardio. You know be able to push it really put it on him. I’ve been training in elevation for almost 3 years now.”

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Austin Hubbard

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