Bas Rutten to enter UFC Hall of Fame in July

Bas Rutten responds to Johny Hendricks’ criticism of WBKFF

World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation (WBKFF) has yet to pay their fighters from their first ever event, and fighters are still trying to get their money, and rightfully so. Although it has been months, the criticism has yet to stop, as Johny Hendricks recently questioned President, Bas Rutten again, wondering why he just wasn’t open from the get-go about the money.

“Dude, why didn’t you tell us? He had to have known something,” Hendricks told Bloody Elbow‘s Pull No Punches podcast recently (transcript via MMA News). “He had to have. Was he sitting here thinking along the same line as that guy… Why hasn’t he said anything? It sucks, the whole aspect of it.”

Ultimately, Rutten has seen Hendricks complaint and has taken to his Facebook page to release a statement.

“Wow, when some ignorant people believe this, I don’t really care, but once a fighter believes that? Come on now Johny, not cool, you know I am there for you and the fighters,” an impassioned Bas Rutten wrote. “I told you personally, AND EVERY OTHER FIGHTER IN WYOMING BEFORE THE SHOW (ask them all), that I saw the bank statements from Tom the owner and had ‘proof of funds’ before the show. Proof that he had enough money in the bank to pay the fighters because this was to me the most important thing of all.”

Hendricks ended up losing the fight by second-round knockout back in November of 2018. Johny Hendricks had a tremendous UFC career that saw him win the welterweight title with a win over Robbie Lawler. He also beat the likes of Carlos Condit, Jon Fitch, Hector Lombard, and T.J. Grant among others.

No news has been made in a couple of months about the WBKF payments, and Hendricks has once again brought it back int he spotlight which Bas Rutten did not like.

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