Ben Parrish Looks to Slay the Undefeated Sullivan Cauley at Bellator 273

Ben Parrish Looks to Slay the Undefeated Sullivan Cauley at Bellator 273

The unpredictability of a combat sport contest leaves spectators anxiously waiting for the outcome. When the results are revealed a memorable and sometimes shocking moment is created, changing one’s perspective of the sport and its contestants. Walking into Bellator 266, there was heavy skepticism of Ben “Big Tuna” Parrish being able to topple the then undefeated 5-0, Christian Edwards. Physical appearance and unfamiliarity can draw many assumptions by onlookers. Who is this guy? He’s fat and out of shape. Does he really think he can beat this untouchable competitor?

It’s nothing like the sound of doubters to fuel a fighter’s ambitions. Parrish replied to the internet haters with action, scoring a quick 36 second knockout finish over Edwards in his promotional debut. With prior contemplations of walking away from MMA, Parrish’s victory solidified his capability to achieve greatness on a major fight platform. In addition, his win is the culmination of many uphill battles leading up to the confrontation.

“I have been fighting for over ten years,” Parrish told MYMMANEWS. People online were making fun of me, saying I’m fat and I ‘got lucky.’ They have no idea how much I’ve sacrificed, what I have gone through, and how hard I have worked for this moment. “

Health issues, injuries, family duties, and a full-time job role, Parrish overcame many obstacles to obtain his successful achievement at Bellator 266. While Parrish may have shocked the MMA world with his victory over Edwards, his goal is far from complete. His journey in his ascent to the top of the Bellator light-heavyweight ranks has just begun. Parrish is eager to spring back into action. He won’t have to wait long, as a new challenger awaits him at the Footprint Center in Phoenix, Arizona on January 29.

Big Tuna will make his return to action at Bellator 273. There seems to be a pattern with the company in matching Parrish against undefeated fight talents. In Parrish’s upcoming battle, he will get the opportunity to slay another rising prospect, Ryan Bader’s protege, Sullivan Cauley. Undefeated, with a professional record of 2-0, Cauley’s last two Bellator appearances saw the decorated collegiate wrestler scoring two knockout victories, both ending in the first round.

Parrish is aware of the challenge that lies ahead. While the respect is always there for any competitor standing across the cage from him, Parrish is not intimidated by Cauley’s dominating winning streak. Parrish looks to once again shock the world at Bellator 273.

“I have nothing but respect for Cauley,” Parrish revealed. “Nothing personal, but I want to win! I’m expecting a war going into this fight, as I will be looking to knock him out, as I’m sure he will have the same intentions. I’m ready for this fight. I can’t wait!”

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