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BKFC President David Feldman Plans on Four More Events This Year

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC) President David Feldman had a different plan for how things would go in New York City Tuesday, and while things may have gone differently than he expected he still plans on growing the BKFC in 2019. Even with the heated tempers and colorful language used by the fighters present at the media day, there is nothing stopping the plans he has for the promotion from moving forward and bringing their bare-knuckle action to more audiences.

While a workout for Artem Lobov and an introduction for Paulie Malignaggi was all that was planned things went differently. “That’s what happens when you get two, real fighters in a room filled with testosterone,” said Feldman. But he does not want fans to lose sight of what is going on with the BKFC 5 main event between Lobov and Jason Knight. Malignaggi was on hand to be introduced to the fans of the bare-knuckle boxing fan base that has grown since they started putting on events.

Feldman said more events are coming; the plan is to do four more this year especially with other states getting on board with bare-knuckle boxing. He feels that perception needs to be changed and the only way to do that is to put on more events. He also added the top officials that they use, report back to other commissions that the sport is not as dangerous as they had believed, the conversations start about holding events in new territory. “That’s what happens and that’s why they’re talking to me now,” said Feldman.

While Feldman was addressing expansion in New York, that is not the state that BKFC will be coming to in the near future. He would love to bring the promotion to New York, for now, fans will have to be happy with one of the states “right next door to New York.”

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