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Artem Lobov Feels Free in BKFC

If Artem Lobov wins his match against Jason Knight Saturday the likelihood of him being Paulie Malignaggi’s next opponent would be very high. The two were at what was supposed to be a media day for the promotion and an open work out for Lobov. However, when the two pugilists crossed paths, whatever beef they have outside of competition had tempers flare when they ran into each other in New York City.

The gym scuffle aside, both fighters have an issue with respect. The history Malignaggi has with Lobov stems from their connection with Conor McGregor. While that makes for good marketing of future BKFC events, fighting is what fuels men like Malignaggi and Lobov and the way bare-knuckle boxing has been catching on, it’s a great way to continue to feed the competitive fire for veterans of the fight game.

“Things took a turn,” said David Feldman BKFC President. However, there is no denying that should Lobov get past Knight this weekend, Malignaggi’s gym scuffle has bare-knuckle fans ready to see them two go at it. Lobov would love nothing more, speaking with My MMA News, Lobov said he actually prefers to not wrap his hands. He said he used to argue with commissions about having to wrap his hands and that being in BKFC makes him feel “free”.

Lobov said he is a professional and he gave his word to Feldman that he would not get into any altercations with Malignaggi as he has Jason Knight to worry about on April 6. “I’m here to fight on Saturday night. I’m a true fighter. No one will ever make me quit. I don’t care about anything that Paulie can do to me.”He added, “Paulie was always the fight I wanted. It’s ‘night night’ for Jason Knight this Saturday, then it’s on to Paulie.”

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