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Brandon Lambert - KnuckleMania - Photo by Phil Lambert for BKFC

Brandon Lambert Wants Second BKFC Fight, Pays Respect To Jarod Grant

Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship talent Brandon Lambert isn’t ready to put the breaks on his fighting career just yet, he’s still got a little more to give for the haters, and fans in the future.

‘Malo’ Lambert still has a few fights left in him, which was very exciting to hear.

At one point during the interview, I asked him what weight division he’d like to compete at next, and he responded with the following: “I want to do (1)45, just because of the size advantage, but I’m really, really, really contemplating (1)55.”

“Bare Knuckle is not a sport you wanna cut a lot of weight on. If you watch the fight, I got clipped a few times in the second round, and I was exhausted in the second round, but he was also piecing me up pretty good, and every shot just kept taking my energy down and energy down.”

“When I talk about my weight cut, one thing I want people to understand, is I am not discrediting Jarod’s performance. I am not discrediting Jarod’s win, I’m not saying I only lost because of the weight cut. I’m just stating that had a big factor in my performance. It had no factor in the outcome of the fight, it just had a factor in my performance.”

Lambert stated that he’d love for BKFC President Dave Feldman to bring him back, and continued: “I just don’t think that was my best performance. I underestimated the weight cut, and how bad it would effect me. I didn’t think it was going to effect me as bad as it did.

“And I also underestimated Jarod. Jarod is a solid fucking fighter. For 22-years-old, for him to remain calm with all the antics I was pulling, all that shit I was doing, I was trying to get him out of his boxing mode. I wanted him to brawl with me.

“I knew I couldn’t out-box the guy. And I used to call him a kid, and a boy, and a child, but he’s a fucking man.”

Whoever ends up being next for Lambert, one thing’s for certain, we’ll all be tuning in! I mean, y’all tuned in to watch him on Friday, right? Next time will be no different.

Many people don’t care for Mr. Lambert so much, mostly due to his trash talking. But as you see, he’s a very reasonable individual, and he’s incredibly smart. ‘Malo’ owns his own business, which we talk about, and he knows how to get people excited for a fight.

The combat sports world certainly has a place for people like Brandon Lambert.

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