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Brendan Schaub slams Stephen A. Smith: ‘Don’t disrespect MMA fighters’

Former UFC fighter and now analyst and comedian, Brendan Schaub is not a fan of Stephen A. Smith‘s recent comments.

Smtih recently slammed Donald Cerrone for his UFC 246 performance which many didn’t like. He said “Cowboy” gave up and it was atrocious.

Following that, Schaub says Smith needs to stop disrespecting MMA fighters.

“The MMA community’s not tuning in the post-fight show to see Stephen A. Smith,” Brendan Schaub said Below The Belt podcast (via “Stephen A. Smith’s one of my favs, I love Stephen A. Smith. I love him and this, I don’t need this. If he’s on there great, also my only issue with it, do this, you can stay in the UFC stuff what you’re doing, I’m sure they’ll have your back, but the problem is just don’t disrespect guys. You can make your point without being disrespectful. I’ve learned that the hard way. You say one thing and then guys hear, and it sounds like disrespect. I get that but especially if you’re Stephen A. Smith and you’re so new you’re just dipping your toe in water, don’t sh*t on one of our favs, man.”

Brendan Schaub hopes ESPN replaces Stephen A. Smith with someone more knowledgeable about MMA. He knows nobody is tuning in to see what Smith says, despite him saying he was the reason the rating was so good.

“Ain’t nobody tuning in to that post-fight show to hear his commentary,” Brendan Schaub continued. “It would’ve gotten much further if it was Brett Okamoto and Joe Rogan. Why not have Chael do that? Rogan and Chael? What is it, the best combo ever? Do that, do that man. That’d be a phenomenal tag team. Probably the best, the best in the world. There’s no other two people I’d rather listen to on the planet talk fighting than Joe Rogan and Chael Sonnen.”

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