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Brett “Big Dog” Martin discusses tough LFA title fight and what is next

On September 27, Brett “Big Dog” Martin made his second appearance in the LFA cage. This time he was competing in the finals of the heavyweight tournament crowning a new LFA heavyweight champion and a great opportunity to make it to the UFC. To enter the finals, Brett Martin defeated Renan Ferreira by disqualification. He then went on to face Daniel James who was also disqualified which gave Martin the victory. However, Martin didn’t earn the title as he came in over the weight limit. I caught up Martin to discuss the fight and what is next for him.

How are you feeling after the fight

“No difference in feeling then any other fight 🙂 got some bumps and bruises as always but am in good health and spirits.”

What was your initial reaction to when the fight was stopped?

“Same as any fighter who has put the time and effort I do into this sport. Very frustrating but I play with fire by the way I fight. I frustrate my opponents, until they make a big enough mistake to capitalize on. Which in my last couple fights my opponents have worn their emotions throughout their performance. Nothing I can change about someone else’s actions. I just keep building and getting better :)”

 How did you feel during the fight? Did you feel like you were winning and what were your thoughts heading into the last round?

“Felt as my game plan was working. It was a very close fight and I was doing my best to make it grim and not turn it into a brawl which is what my opponent was hoping for. Coming out to the fifth, I had same mindset as I do at start of every round “Win the round or finish the fight” As I knew it was a huge round to decide the fight. At the end of the day 🙂 I’m still the first ever LFA heavyweight tournament champion and I’m proud to add that notch to my list of accomplishments. :)”

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Thank you to all my family, team, friends and fans that made the trip to come support me ❤️ can’t express enough how amazing you all are 🙌🏾🙏🏽 best support system in the world 🌎 Fought a great fight, implementing my game plan, frustrating my opponent. This is the fight game, understand some fighters will do anything they can to get the win. Was many things happening in this fight that weren’t clean, then in the fifth round, I took 3 illegal knees while I was grounded. Opponent was DQ. Fight was very close and really enjoyed the experience. Opponent and his team were very upset and said lots of things about me 🤷🏾‍♂️ I won’t apologize for showing up and fighting like a professional ✊🏽Thank you to my opponents team and him for a great experience 😎 Regardless of everything that went down…. I am @lfafighting first ever Hwt Tournament champion 🥇 blessed to live this life ❤️✊🏽🙌🏾 #BigDog #ForCamCam #OneDayBetter #JosiahStrong

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 You happened to miss weight for this fight, what happened and did it affect the fight at all?

“Was a lot of reasons I didn’t cut the extra weight. Don’t like to make any excuses or feed any BS into the world. Anyone who has questions about it can feel free to reach out 🙂 I’ve made the limit many times and I will continue to for the rest of my career.”

Should there be a rematch? If not, what is next for you?

“If the fight makes sense and means money 🙂 then that’s what’s next. I’ve never turned down anything that’s made sense for my career, and I’ve never picked fights. I’ll be ready for whatever my next step is, regardless of who or where the fight takes place.”

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