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Brian Peterson to face Patrick Martin at LFA 60

Brian “Killer B” Peterson is looking to extend his professional undefeated record and will do so with his next stop in LFA. Peterson announced to MyMMANews on Tuesday that he will be facing Patrick Martin at LFA 60. The event is scheduled to take place on February 15, at 7 Flags Event Center in Des Monies, Iowa.

In Martin, Peterson will be facing a 6-4 pro who is known for his striking and currently ranked as the #1 heavyweight fighter in the state of Iowa. Martin’s last fight came in August of 2018 when he secured a first-round knockout victory of Parnell Davis at Caged Aggression. This will be Martin’s second fight with LFA as he previously fought for them at LFA 34 when he lost to Calyn Hull back in March of 2018.

When discussing how the fight came about, Peterson discussed how being in the corner of his teammate Daniel James at LFA 50 when James defeated Calyn Hull by second-round TKO. Peterson said being able to corner James and meet those with LFA was crucial for him in getting this fight.

“I got the opportunity to go out there with him [James], see the show, and meet some of the people involved in the organization and I was really impressed. I thought that would be a great place for me to take my next step. With LFA, that’s the proving grounds. If you can go there, that’s your bridge to the next level. I’ve had some tremendous success on the local scene and I’m grateful for those opportunities but this will be a great chance for me to take that next step in this journey.”

The fight between Peterson and Martin will take place in Martin’s backyard of Iowa where he’s at the top of the heavyweight rankings but Peterson said fighting in his opponent’s backyard doesn’t mean anything to him.

Since turning pro and going on the three-fight win streak that he currently holds, Peterson said going from three minute rounds to five minute rounds was the biggest change and challenge for him.

“The whole thing is a learning process, right? Especially with this heavyweight game, every single guy who steps in the cage has an opportunity to knock you out at any point in time. So just being more patient, working more with defense, and picking our opportunities when they come.”

Knowing that the opportunity with LFA could set up even bigger opportunities for his professional career, Peterson says he’s looking for the finish in his fight against Martin.

“I’m looking to just come out there and get a finish. I think we have to get these finishes to start to attract that attention from the UFC, from Bellator, that type of caliber organization. I’m looking to come in there and showcase what I know I’m capable of doing and that’s it. Just looking to do whatever we have to do to get that next level.”

For professionals like Peterson, the track record and history of LFA and those who have fought in the organization have led him to realize that the fight against Martin could be the launching pad for his professional career.

“They take these guys from the regional promotions, the top-level guys and they pit them against each other and it’s a showcase for them. The success they’ve had and the amount of shows they put together in such a short period of time has been nothing but spectacular. They provide guys like myself that opportunity to be seen and be recognized and for that, I’m tremendously grateful for the opportunity.”

Getting an early fight in 2019 also is helping Peterson establishing a list of goals for himself in 2019. With the fight coming in February, Peterson said he’d like multiple fights and a big-time contract by the time this year comes to an end.

“I want two or three wins and I’d like to have a UFC contract by the end of this year.”

Peterson knows that this fight against Martin could set the stage for many opportunities in his professional career. While some former LFA fighters have found themselves fighting for Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series and then working their way to a UFC contract, Peterson hopes that becoming a 4-0 as a heavyweight with a win over Martin in LFA, could be all he needs to find himself at the next level.

Listen to the full announcement and interview with Brian Peterson below.

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