Britain Hart

Britain Hart prepares for BKFC 2 battle with the ‘Queen of Bare Knuckle’

When 28-year old pro boxer Britain Hart steps into the ring opposite former UFC fighter Bec Rawlings next week in Biloxi, Mississippi, everything is on the line. Not only is a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship title up for grabs, but Hart also has an opportunity to make a name for herself if she can take out the more experienced and well-known Rawlings who has already been dubbed as the ‘Queen of Bare Knuckle.’

Rawlings fought on and won her debut bare knuckle bout at BKFC 1 in June. Since then she quickly became the face of the sport. Hart however, will not let that deter her. She feels that she has been putting in the work and with the help of her team behind her, she’s “prepared for everything”.

Hart talks about her preparation for the fight, training two to three times a day, and how she got into combat sports.

“I did fight growing up.  They weren’t legal fights, a lot of street fights,” Hart said.  That’s when others pursued her to chase a path into boxing and the rest is history.

Many mixed martial arts and boxing fans alike fell in love with the bare knuckle sport just two months ago as fight promoter David Feldman brought not only a professional but extremely enjoyable and entertaining product for his first show.  While some may say that the sport is more dangerous with the absence of gloves but there is not factual data that backs up the theory.

“That goes with anything.  Haters are always going to hate or find a way to criticize,” Hart said.

“Combative fighting without gloves was the first sport.  Gloves were only designed so people could hit more frequently and harder.”

“I didn’t know I was gonna go box to get a crown, but here I am,” Hart said.  “Ultimately there can only be one Queen B.”

“I’m happy that I’m being overlooked because I believe I’m going to go in there and shock a lot of people,” she said.

An interesting item of note for those still on the fence, these two ladies, Hart and Rawlings, are both mothers.  Tune in below to listen to Britain Hart.  The fight goes down next Saturday, August 25 and can be ordered on Fite.TV.


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