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Carrese Archer talks viral Nate Diaz altercation and Fight World 21

Following a ton of social media attention after “flinching” to UFC’s Nate Diaz at a Carrese Archer is here to set the record straight!

The two combat sports athletes were in attendance to support two different friends who were fighting on the Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul rematch. While both camps were jawing off throughout the weekend, theatrics remained relatively calm until Diaz and Archer crossed paths.

Archer remains unfazed by the endeavor, conceding, “the internet won that one,” he says with a laugh. Although if the pair were to cross paths again, Archer has made it clear that a second meeting wouldn’t go the same as the first.

On the heels of the altercation, Archer has settled into fight camp, signing to fight Patrick Rivera at Fight World 21 in the historic Gettysburg, PA. on February 12th.

While Archers last outing was a bare-knuckle boxing bout, he’s more than eager to settle back into the norm of his MMA career as we quickly approach fight night.

“Fighting is my thing,” Archer exclaims. “Fighting is very much a part of my life as it is any other natural fighter that’ll have their coach their whole life,” he continues. “The difference between me and somebody that has been training for this since they were a baby is I never had nobody coaching me, Archer clarifies. “I’m just straight raw talent. It’s just raw potential that’s been molded by Antonio McKee to be the guy that you’re going to see February 12th.

Tune in above as Carrese Archer joins me via MyMMANews to discuss the viral video altercation between him and UFC’s Nate Diaz. He opens up about uprooting his life to train with Antonio McKee Sr. Archer discusses his previous life on the street, his impending matchup with Patrick Rivera at Fight World 21 and so much more!

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